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    Last night at midnight T-Mobile turned off my service at midnight because I was a day late paying my bill. Thank god they didn’t do that earlier because not even an hour earlier I was on the SIDE OF THE ROAD! Waiting for triple a to come pick up me and my mom on I5 head towards South Lake Tahoe literally on the right side of the road. So thank you for not turning it off earlier! I can assure you when I have the means I will be leaving your company. Most cell phone combines just charge you a late fee. They do not cut of your means of communications. So thank you. You guys are terrible human beings. Also good thing we made it home safe!

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      • snn555

        Re: Turned off my phone

        You must be on prepaid because postpaid doesn't cut off unless you are severely late.


        prepaid is just that. You pay for service before you use it and you pay for x amount of time that being one month.  Any more than that one month has not been paid for and therefore there is no service.


        However if you are on a postpaid plan then there's not enough information. Nobody gets cut off the day after.

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        • magentatechie

          Re: Turned off my phone

          While it's not typical, the service can be cut off any time after the due date.  I'm wondering if there was a payment arrangement in place and that is where the "late" came from; as a general rule, 24 hours after a failed payment arrangement, the account will go into a partial suspension wherein calls and texts can be received but not sent out.


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          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Turned off my phone

            I'm glad you were safe too. As mentioned already, this behavior isn't normal at all if you had a payment arrangement set up. Also, if you're on a prepaid account, you do want to make sure you keep the account funded in order to use the service. If that's not the case, please give us more info so we can help keep this from happening in the future.