Warranty exchange concerns


    Wow so let me start of by saying what a stressful day I had. Ok so here is what happened yesterday, I have had my phone have a notification on my phone on and off saying there was liquid in my USB port. I was unable to charge my phone when this notification was displayed. This started two weeks ago and has been doing it ever since. I have not gotten any liquid on my phone during the time I have owned it. I called tmobile to see if they could look at it, they told me to take it to tmobile store and see if there was water damage. I then went to tmobile and got it inspected. The rep who was at the store along with other employees and mngrs they looked at my phone and saw no water damage that was apparent to them. He then told me that I had two options either go through the insurance that I had or go through tmobile warranty. They said if I do go through warranty that there was a chance that I could be charged my full phones cost again they said it had to go through two inspectionsthe first at store which I did they said no apparent dmg the second one being sent to NY. They said if my decides there is water dmg that I would be charged the full phone's cost which is around 900$ and that i would not be able to get my phone back and just go through insurance wich i have. The tmobile store said it is a risk to send the phone out through them to find out if it is a manufacturer defect or not......it bothered me that I can't get my phone inspected by the company with out having to take a gamble...? The most dumb thing is ever heard. Then I talked with a rep mngr on the phone about situation they agreed to switch my phone out with taking the risk. I was happy and satisfied at that point.....I walked back in the store to get the process done. The rep then began do disagree with what the rep on the phone told me they were going to do. They did not specifically write in notation saying they would take responsibility of the "risk" as the store employee said. We then called again and I spoke with his regional mngr she told me it was not going to happen. She was very argumentative towards me and she told me that the notification meant there was water damage on my phone and that I had to get it wet for that symbol to come up..... so I asked but the reps said they saw no dmg from water so how is it wet? She didn't give me an answer instead just said well the symbol says you got your phone wet so that's what happened.......I replied so hardware never malfunctions? She replied saying I'm going by what it tells you..... crazy right? So I left furious ...I then called another rep and this rep agreed with me that they were wrong and they would take care of my problem they told me as long as the reps at the store say there is no visual water damage they see that I could pick my replacement phone up at the store. I told him stay on the phone so 100% there is no confusion about what would happen.. the phone rep talked to the employee and then the employee argued with the phone rep telling him so your gonna be responsible for the "risk" factor over and over again...finally tmobile  phone support excepted the "risk" factor as the employee kept saying over and over to me and the rep. In this whole thing I don't understand why tmobile can't just look at my phone to see if there is dmg from water or not without being at "risk" as the company puts it without being charged 900$ absolutely ridiculous what's the point of your warranty if you are gonna put us at risk and force us to go to insurance every time ...? Nice way to get over on customers and make unaware customers pay 900$ you are just scamming people at that point