Feature Request:  Check Data Usage on iPad


    I've used TMobile Data Only plans for iPad for a few years now, and one of the lacking features is an inability to be able to check actual data usage on the account.


    When I've contacted TMobile for support, the reps have told me to dial a code to check data usage. Invariably, I explain then I am on a data only plan for iPad, that I don't have the ability to dial any phone numbers from my iPad. At that point, after checking, the rep tells me that the only way to check actual data usage is for me to call TMobile.


    Sure, I use Data Tracking Apps to check data used, but it would be helpful if there were a TMobile App or TMobile website that allowed me to check actual data used and actual data remaining. I realize there is a TMobile App, but it doesn't allow me to check data usage.


    Please, TMobile, allow iPad users the ability to check actual data used/remaining -- from their devices  -- without having to call  TMobile.