So I called in a few weeks ago regarding what offers T-mobile had available.

    I was told the following: If you port in a new line we will cover the cost of the phone for you.

    So I asked a few questions regarding how it works and was further told:


    1. You pay Taxes and a fee upfront and then in 6-8 weeks you get a card in the mail. (total came out to $175 for the 8plus 64 GIG iPhone)


    2. I was also told I had to pay 2 months at $30 for the equipment until my card arrives.


    So I went to the local T-moble store and presented them what I was told and I got the 8 Plus. I asked if everything was all set and if I would receive a card in the mail by 6-8 weeks. I Was told yes and that was that.


    At no point  was I told I had to buy another phone at full price. Needless to say a week after I called 611 to get some additional details I was told

    the offer I got before was unknown to all the reps I was shocked (pretty much it never existed)


    Long story short after speaking to at least 1/2 a dozen reps no one could help me not even a supervisor and even though it was information they presented to me regarding porting a number and getting a phone free, T-mobile now holds me responsible for paying off the 8 Plus and I am left with no other recourse.


    IF anyone knows how I can get in touch with a higher level of support or how to resolve this let me know.

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      • magentatechie


        The real problem lies with the store reps who were aware of your intentions to redeem the BOGO offer, and didn't advise the purchase of a device at full price.  The very definition of BOGO is buy one, get one, thus the idea of purchasing a device in order to get a device is clear.


        If you are outside of your buyer's remorse period, you are obligated to follow theough with the EIP agreement you signed in the store.


        I cannot promise any miracles, but you may want to reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.

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        • tmo_mike_c


          Hello there!


          Have you gotten in touch with our T-Force folks to get more help with this? Please keep us posted.