Hi, I had JUST started service with T-mobile (3 weeks ago) and I just found out from my company that I was eligible for $125+ save (Get $100 Visa Reward and $25 instant savings with new line) with Promocode. I am extremely upset that I had to hear about this later after the sign-up. This is so not fair and I am upset about this. I had asked about this when I opened the account in a store and they pretended like they had 0 idea. 


    On top of that, I was told by this agent earlier today about additional 10% discount monthly as an employee and was told to go to a nearby store to provide proof of employment. Their answer: WE DO NOT HANDLE ANYTHING LIKE THAT WITH BILLING ISSUES. SHE WAS WRONG. She looked at me as if I was stupid for coming into the store for it.


    I am EXTREMELY disappointed especially since I had JUST started a service with you guys and I’ve been a loyal customer of Verizon until now. Please let me know how this situation (two issues above) needs to be handled. I am so confused and upset.

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        T-Mobile stores don't do anything related with company discounts.  You MUST go through the sign up policy through your company's benefits site where you learned of this.


        Because of the number of companies that are eligible for certain promos, store employees cannot be trained on all of them.  I could walk in to a T-Mobile store and say "Hi. I work for XYZ company. Do I get a discount?" and they should tell you they don't know.


        Additionally, the % discount only applies to certain plans.  In most cases, those plans are Grandfathered plans.


        T-Mobile Advantage Program

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