Actual call & voice mail showing different times


    Hi everyone. I had this issue 2 weeks ago, but ignored it. Today, it happened again so now I’m really curious.  So, I received a phone call from some random number at 11:02AM. It left a 0 second voicemail, but the time stamp on the voice mail said 5:55AM even though they called at 11:02AM. I had this issue 2 weeks ago where the number 000000000 called at 11:42, but the voice mail said 6:20something or something like that.  this is only happening when unknown numbers call. I had friends leave voice mails during the weekend and the call and voice mail all showed the correct time.  This last number that called today was one that shared my area code and the first 3 digits of my phone number.  But I’m really interested as to why these random phone numbers are calling at one time, but then their voice mail times are being stamped hours prior.  I already tried calling T Mobile, but they had no real answers.  Anyone know what’s going on?

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