How to return equipment after cancelling account to remove it from final bill?


    I was a primary account holder for a family account for a group of international students. We left the country after graduation. After a while, I cancelled the whole account, so now I don't have a T-mobile or any US number to contact T-Mobile anymore. This forum is my last resort.


    Turns out, one of the persons on our account was not able to return CellSpot equipment that she had. She contacted T-Mobile to ask how to do it, and the representative said that a box for return will be sent to our billing address to pack the CellSpot and ship it back. However, the box never arrived there. Eventually, she left the equipment with a friend before leaving the country hoping that this box would still arrive. It never did.


    Now we are being charged with a huge non-return fee on our final bill after account cancellation - because of the return box that never arrived. And this bill has already been sent to collectors immediately after we got it before we could do anything with this issue!


    The question is, how to return this equipment in this situation to remove this non-return fee from our final bill? Is there an easy way to just drop it in an office? Or is it too late, since the bill has already gone to collectors? 

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