RESTORE my service ASAP


    I have a family plan which has 5 lines under my NCC account. Recently, I added my SSN to the account and switch the NCC account to the regular postpaid one since we wanna enroll in the apple upgrade program, which postpaid account is required. After transferring the lines to the regular postpaid account. Two lines suddenly have no service, and after restoring the network settings, one is working and the other one is still not working at all. After half a day, the account is suspended for no reason. The explanation from Tmobile is something about fraud. Interesting. I went to the local retail store to hand in my social and id and faxed these documents to the department for review. No update at all. All of the lines have no service, we live in a no phone world now. We have to work, contact people, use the phone to do everything!!!!!! Why it takes soooooo long to review and reactivate the account? It has been 8 hours since I handed in the documents. Still no progress. Ridiculous and Inefficient. I paid for service, not for NO SERVICE.


    Is that hard to collect documents, review and do something to your customers?

    24H processing period is not an excuse. NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL.

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