Galaxy watch mobile data not working




      I'm new to TMobile and just got the Galaxy watch with LTE. When I got home realized it wasn't connected to LTE so I filledfo the steps in the wear app, but when I click on the mobile networks section it thinks for a few seconds before returning the error "mobile service can't be setup from this phone".


    My phone is a Pixel 2 XL.


    Any help is appreciated.

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      • snn555

        Re: Galaxy watch mobile data not working

        Does your watch have a SIM card in it?  Is the watch set up on the account to use as an LTE device?

          • magenta6184077

            Re: Galaxy watch mobile data not working

            Yes, I had it all set up at a T Mobile store. I suppose I didn't physically watch them put the Sim card in the watch. I will check that

              • magentatechie

                Hey there!


                Your Galaxy Watch has an eSIM inside, so it is not one to be inserted or removed.


                In order for the watch to activate properly with a non-Galaxy phone, you have to go through an alternate setup process.  There is a bit of work involved, but it's the only way to pair as intended with your Pixel when not connected to Bluetooth.


                Furthermore, there is a good chance that the store and customer care/tech support/retail support may come back and say that you can't pair a Galaxy watch to a non-Galaxy phone.  Fortunately, this is not true- and the information simply hasn't been widespread available to T-Mobile employees. (Yet! I'm working on it!)


                Take a deep breath! Read through the directions carefully and if you do need to go to the store to have them assist with obtaining a Galaxy device for the pairing, make sure you bring these instructions!




                To start, if you haven't already, get a T-Mobile ID (by logging in to and setting up your online account) to make managing DIGITS easier, make sure that you have a PAH (primary account holder) indicator on one of the lines on the account or else DIGITS won't work properly.


                Next, you must enable Multiple Line Settings on your phone line.  Log in to, click Profile (upper right), Multiple Devices, select your phone number from the drop down box, then turn on the switch to activate multiple line settings.  This allows your phone number to be shared with the watch.


                If you do already have a Data with Paired DIGITS line, make sure it is paired to your mobile line.  If the store activated your SIM, you should have one active.  Log in to the DIGITS portal, select the DIGITS line, under Paired DIGITS, select the desired primary line and click Save.


                Ready for the fun part?


                If you already use a Galaxy S6 or higher, awesome! This will be a smidge easier for you!  If you do not, bum one from a friend.  (The store may be able to help you here if you don't know anyone with a compatible device, be sure to take these instructions along to the store).


                What you'll need:

                Galaxy Watch

                Samsung Galaxy S6 or later for initializing the network, SIM card for use on primary phone line

                WiFi Network connection

                EID Number or eSIM (can be found on watch box or by navigating to Settings>About Watch>Device Information)


                Connect both devices to WiFi network; for the watch, this can be found at Settings>Connections>WiFi


                Activate eSIM or EID, you will need to be with care for this step.  Call 611, use the Message Us link, or reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.


                Remove SIM from regular device and insert into T-Mobile Galaxy Phone 6S or higher.  Download Galaxy Wearable app from Play store.


                Pair watch and Galaxy phone via Bluetooth.


                The app should take you through a network setup for the watch. When it asks, select "Already have a Plan"


                After the watch has rebooted and shows service, remove the user’s SIM from the Galaxy phone and place back in actual phone. (If applicable; if you were using your own Galaxy, you're done!)


                Open the Wearable app on the regular phone and pair to watch using Bluetooth. (Alternatively, you can go on the watch to Settings>Connect to New Phone)


                DO NOT PANIC.  The watch will show “Resetting”.  It is only removing the Galaxy phone information and the network activation will still be fine!


                The LTE is now activated,.  You can turn off Bluetooth and the watch and device will still be connected through DIGITS!  Now you can make and receive calls and texts to your watch, even when you aren't near your phone!

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            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Galaxy watch mobile data not working

              Hmm, I'm not sure it'll work with this device. I don't see it's a compatible device. You're welcome to give the steps above a shot, but I just wanted to give you a heads up on what I found.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Galaxy watch mobile data not working

                Hey again.


                Just checking to see if you've taken a look at the posts here. Please let us know if you have more questions.