How long will the 4 lines for $35 offer last?


    Any thoughts on how long the 4 lines for $35 offer will last? I currently have three lines with T-Mobile One, am planning on porting my wife over from Sprint since the fourth line will be free anyway, but she needs account info from her parents to do the port which she won't be able to get for another week or so. Am I safe waiting until next week to add the fourth line, or should I get the line opened right away and port her number over later?

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      • evec7410

        Hi! I had the same question but here's the requirements in order to be eligible for the offer:


        Promo Period: August 24, 2018 - TBA


        Existing customers must add at least 2 new Voice lines.


        • The following lines / line types do not qualify:
          • MI, Wearable, DIGITS, LineLink, Nest, and SyncUP lines
          • Lines added to the account via COR or BAN-to-BAN moves
          • Lines converted from NCC/SCNC to Postpaid
          • Lines resumed from cancellation
          • Lines with $0 MRC
        • Future-dated activations, Ship-to activations, and T-Mobile for Business orders placed during the promo period qualify.
        • From August 23 through the full promo period, customers who cancel a line and then add a new line without resuming the canceled one will not qualify for the promotion.
        • tmo_mike_c

          I don't have a specific date but you do have it listed as a limited time offer. You'll wanna keep an eye on our Add a Voice Line Get a Voice Line page. It'll be updated with info on the offer's end date.

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