So, apparently I do have a t-mobile number that I have been paying for after all?  Who knew?


    First of all let me just say, the amount of time I have spent on the phone (not the phone with the T-mobile number because it never worked, but on my other phone from Verizon) with T-Mobile and their customer "service" reps is completely insane that not a single person was able to tell me that I have a number and I am paying for it!  I was going to switch from Verizon to T-Mobile, and I told the T-Mobile person on the phone the situation.  That I had an i phone 8 that was a T-Mobile phone, but that it was not paid off.  So, I am sent a sim card in the mail, and I am charge $135 deposit.  Well, the sim card arrives and the T-Mobile rep told me it would probably take up to a couple of hours to activate.  Well, it never activated and the reason it never activated was because that phone was reported lost or stolen and is blocked from any carrier.  So, I called and someone from T-Mobile said they were going to send me a check for 80 dollars to offset the down payment I had put down, well that check never arrived and I never had a T-mobile telephone number, or so I thought until I had decided after over a month had passed that someone should've known that the device would NOT work and they simply lied to me to get their sale!  So, I went into a T-Mobile store and and asked to get my deposit back.  She said that deposit had been paying my bill for the last two months!  So, apparently I have a number I have been paying for but I have not been able to use it b/c the device that I told them I had from the very start will not work at all with any carrier.  She took my Verizon phone and put the Sim card into it, and suddenly I had a T-Mobile phone and a number.  Now, here is my question. If I am calling T-Mobile and telling them that the sim card doesn't work and that I have no number certainly they have other ways to look up my account.  As I was logging on here, it showed that phone that apperently I am using and then I checked to see if it was blocked and sure enough it is blocked.  So, how can I be using a phone that is blocked?  More importantly, because the answer to that question is that I am not using that phone b/c it doesn't work!  Why am I having to pay for the service that doesn't work? And why did the t-mobile rep lie to me and tell me she was going to send a check in the mail.  I spent 135 bucks for absolutely nothing and I told them from the very start that was the phone.  So, why would they do that?  Why would they tell me the phone will work if they know it won't or are they really just complete morons?


    Also, so I just put the T-mobile sim into my verizon phone and it is working right now, but when I download the T-mobile app it is in Dutch or some Scandinavian language I believe, and this also happened on the phone that won't work!  Does T-Mobile think they are going to get customers by lying to them?  I don't have a Phd. in business, but if a person is wanting to become a customer the first thing you would not do is to lie to them and basically steal 135 bucks!

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      • tmo_chris

        My goodness! We appreciate you taking the time to post to our community but I am sorry that it had to be about such a poor experience. With everything that has happened with your account, we would really need to get in there and see how this all started in order to move forward. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team. They will be able to locate your account and see the usage and establish a timeline of events.

        As for the phone being blocked, if it was on a payment plan that was not paid off or the account it was on was canceled for non payment, that device would be unusable with any network. I sincerely apologize that this was not mentioned to you when you first started service with us.

        • barcodeable



          1. You bought an iPhone 8 (from someone other than a T-Mobile store)

          2. You activated a line on the T-Mobile Network (actual plan not stated) and was charged a $136 downpayment.

          3. You were unable to successfully use you iPhone 8 on the T-Mobile network because the iPhone was apparently reported stolen.

          4. You are able to use the simcard T-Mobile provided to you in a Verizon branded phone.

          5. A T-Mobile representative  stated they would send you a check for $80 back but never did.

          6. Your T-Mobile account was active for over a month.




          1. Under normal circumstances T-Mobile will not refund you money back because you did not use their network. Unless you had one of those kickback promotional deals.


          2. It wasn’t T-Mobile’s fault you purchased a “stolen“ phone. They provided you with a service, but you didn’t have the proper hardware to fully utilize the service, that’s not their fault.


          3. You admitted that the simcard worked fine in your Verizon phone (so the simcard wasn’t faulty and you had a phone number)

             Note:  You can look up your phone number in the settings of your phone, and there are plenty of apps that can locate your phone number, and simcard data.


          4. I understand after all of the miscommunication with the T-Mobile rep promising you one thing and you never received it, but unfortunately T-Mobile doesn’t owe you anything.


          Im sorry


          ... and the blocked phone can still be used if you are utilizing a wifi connection... you will not have the cellular capabilities to access the carrier‘s network. If you needed to call 911 with that blocked phone during an emergency, the phone fortunately in this instance have access a carriers network.

            • ilovetobetakenadvantageof2018

              WRONG!  FACT NUMBER ONE: I bought the i phone 8 from T-Mobile!

              1. 2 WRONG:  I never was able to activate any line with T-Mobile, yet I was

              charged for two lines for over a month.  T-mobile sent me two sim cards and

              neither of them worked with either the T-mobile phone or the Verizon

              phone.  However, I was charged for two lines, one of which had a number

              attached to a blacklisted phone, now how in the hell am I supposed to use a

              number that is active on a blacklisted phone? I don't want anything from

              T-mobile!  I explained to them exactly what the circumstances were with

              that phone.  That phone was issued to me under the a T-mobile contract.

              Shortly, after that I had a car accident and the phone sat in my totaled

              car for months, while I was in the hospital.  I called  T-mobile and

              explained to them exactly why I had not paid the bill, and they said that

              the sim card should work.   The sim card didn't work on any phone, yet I

              was charged for a phone number that remained active on  a blacklisted

              phone!   I would have never tried to activate a phone that was blacklisted

              if I would have known it was blacklisted. I found this out after they told

              me it would work, and it didn't.   So, it really makes absolutely no sense

              why they would give me phone number that I have to pay for on on a phone

              they should know won't work.  Those are the FACTS!

              • ilovetobetakenadvantageof2018

                And lastly, apparently T-mobile disagreed with your opinions and facts and

                they have now re-instated my number on a phone that works and I do not owe

                them anything for the past month, so sorry. you were wrong!

              • barcodeable

                I attempted to get down to the facts of your posted statements, that’s all.

                Now from your recent post, i uderstand fully that the”phone number” they assigned to you was somehow still associated to the previous owner of that line. And I guess i missed where you stated the phone was purchased from T-Mobile. Now I understand. That changes everything. Based on your clarifications... T-Mobile is at fault for giving you a number that was not “fully yours”, and still attached to previous owner.


                Im glad things worked out for you.

                im glad i was wrong with your circumstances