lost voicemails


    I just switched to t-mobile today from verizon. I have a iPhone 6s. Every thing works good BUT I can not find any of the voicemails I was saving on my phone prior to the switch from verizon. I really need the info. from those voicemails. Can you help??

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      • magentatechie

        Re: lost voicemails

        Oh, dear... I'm so sorry!  I know this is very stressful for you!  I have a question- was it a situation where you could listen to the voicemail, then press 7 (for example) to save, or did you physically download an audio file to your phone?

        • snn555

          Re: lost voicemails

          Typically when changing carriers using an iPhone if you have not already saved those voicemails they are lost when you change carriers. Of course I could be wrong however as far back as the iPhone 7 plus this was the case.


          It used to be that Apple used is on servers for voicemail however if I recall correctly Verizon uses their own servers for voicemail. Whichever the case may be moving from one to another means you're moving from one server to another and those messages are not shared between the two.