Help, save me from AT&T......


    So I am monumentally up a creek without a paddle and I gotta find a way out.... I have been with AT&T for 4 years now. Not impressed. We went with them because my wife is a teacher and the county that she works for setup deals with AT&T for teachers and county workers, which it wasn't to bad in the beginning. We got like 25% off the total bill. Well plus one to whatever legal scumbag who put ALOT of find print changes to these types of accounts. Long story short, we got screwed and now we pay $220 a month for 2 phones, 1 tablet and 32gb of data. Now $220 is the average, Im more than willing to post up my final bills for each month for this entire year. Its all over the place, including one month at $405. Another long story... Anyway, I math'ed the heck out of what it would cost to potentially take advantage of the Freedom program, which looks like I will have to stay with AT&T for another 6-7 months before I can afford to get out of the currently here is how the bills look.


    They take $10 off each month you pay for your phone from there EFT. Well needless to say this is how long it would take to get the amount I would have to cover out of pocket AFTER T-Mobile reimbursement for the EFT and the phones. (btw this was calculated last month, so technically $508.79 is what I would have to pay all the way up until this months bill)

    So if anyone knows of some secret way to get out of at&t's contracts without having to pay all this money to AT&T just so I can stop paying AT&T.... oxymoron situation for sure. Some one hack me out of there system... lol.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Help, save me from AT&T......

        Hey there! We would love to have your business!


        We can reimburse you for up to $650 per line that you trade in with our carrier freedom program. I am having a hard time understanding how much you owe on your S9+ and Your Note7 but if it is less than $650, we would credit your account for the fair market trade-in value of the device and send you a reimbursement to make up the rest totaling $650 .


        For a 2 line plan with us and a Tablet on our T-Mobile One (taxes included) plan you would be looking at:

        $120 - 2 Voice lines
        $20 - Tablet line.


        Since you would be trading in your phones to get the reimbursement, you would most likely be purchasing 2 new phones with us. There would be a down payment based on your credit as well as taxes up front and the remainder would be put on your bill each month for 24 months. Let's just say you get a couple phones that are also $30/month like what you are currently paying. You would probably also want to add insurance to those new phones which is $7-$15 depending on what options you choose. For the below example, we will choose the higher end equipment protection. Also, you dont need to trade in your tablet since it looks likes its already paid off? You would just need to get it unlocked to work with us.


        $120- Two Voice lines. Unlimited Talk/Text/Data
        $20 - 1 tablet line. Unlimited Text/Data
        $60 - 2x $30 equipment installment payments
        $30 - 2x $15 insurance features.


        With taxes included, it will be $230 a month. I know you said you pay $220 but your screen shot shows number way higher than that. With this plan it will be the same every month and you get all them sweet T-Mobile benefits like Netflix On Us, International roaming services, and T-Mobile Tuesdays just to name a few.


        (These prices are only if you have auto pay enabled on your account $5 more per line without)

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          Re: Help, save me from AT&T......

          Hey there, magenta6159184!


          Chris provided a lot of helpful info. Have you had a chance to look it over? If so, do you have any questions? We want to be sure we answer each of them before so you have all the information you need when switching.

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            Re: Help, save me from AT&T......

            tmo_chris has provided a great solution for you. But I would urge you to contact T-Mobile toll free number to start your service.

            it looks like you are a prisoner of AT&T’s....

            i hope things work out for you.