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    I just got off the phone with T-Mobile support to notify them their Usage Overview page for me is broken. And actually it has been for many months. If I go there, I am greeted by a couple tables "Summary by user" and "Usage over time" which show empty tables. The header buttons Minutes, Messages, and Data are all clickable but do nothing.


    So I try to explain this to the lady on the phone and she kept trying to convince me this is normal and that I have to click "View all usage details" to get details. And it does work - I can go there and see call records. But I would still expect these tables below to have some kind of data. The lady persisted and kept telling me this is normal and to get any details I have to click "View all usage details." I even got her to admit once that the bubble containing "days left" does not have a number for the current billing cycle, but she still said that was also normal.


    If I am crazy, I am sure you will all tell me. But I just had to sign up for this community site to confirm it. Is this normal? Does anybody else see any content on this page? If not, what is the purpose of this page? Why doesn't it just immediately bring me to the call record page. I asked the lady this, and she just told me "I didn't design the website."


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        Re: Empty User Overview page

        So, it's definitely not normal. I just logged into my account and I am able to see everything. We are going to need to log into your online account on our side to see if the issue persists. If it does, we will open a web support ticket to get this resolved. If it's fine when we log in, you are going to want to look into troubleshooting your browser.


        We can't access accounts here on a public forum but if written correspondence is more preferable to you, you can use the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature to message our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up your account and see what is wrong. You can even link them to this thread for some easy comparisons.