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    Hello there. I am looking to upgrade from an S8 to a Note 9. I have a past due balance so they can't tell me how much the down payment is. I can pay the past due earlier then the arrangements I have set up, but i really don't want to pay it then turn around and be told i have to put down 519.99 instead of 279.99. Is it hard to qualify for the 279.99?


    I spoke to a chat rep last night and they said it looked like the estimate was 519.99 but couldn't say for sure until past due is paid and said it could change to 279.99 and then a chat rep tonight said the opposite that it was 279.99 but could be 519.99 so am I getting jerked around here?

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      • pokémontrainermatt

        Re: Note 9 upgrade

        I would lean on the conservative side and say you're looking at the larger down payment to upgrade. I don't think it's to mess with you though. T-Mobile makes their money from the service and not the financing of the devices. Why is there a past due balance though? That isn't showing strong credit worthiness. I get there might be circumstances, but you shouldn't be looking to upgrade if that's the case. Take it easy; the Galaxy Note 9 is just a phone like any other. Without a financing option that makes sense I'd hold off until conditions improve. If you're needing to replace a broken phone or are using your device to run business then I guess that offsets some of those concerns.

          • jackbauer24

            Re: Note 9 upgrade

            I've always set up split payment arrangements and I don't remember having an issue upgrading to the S8. I think I only paid taxes, no down payment at all. Just don't know why this one is so high.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Note 9 upgrade

                Hey jackbauer24 


                The Note 9 is a bit more pricey that the S8 and with accounts having a specific equipment credit limit (ECL) the down payment is going to vary based on your account. To get the exact number, we would need the account current before we could even process the order to see what it will be. I would agree with pokémontrainermatt and lean on the conservative side and expect to pay the larger DP, if it turns out to be the lower one, that's just a bonus.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Note 9 upgrade

              I see you've got some good suggestions here. Please let us know if you have more questions.