T mobile billing for a booster device I returned  4 years ago


    I am being charged 397$ for a device I returned four years ago. I was a loyal Tmobile customer since 2006 and never purchased a device nor have I ever signed a contract. In 2013 I moved to New Jersey and wa having network problems, and customer service recommending sending a signal booster to keep them as a provider. I was told that it was at zero cost, I never signed a contract nor have I agreed to any charges for the device. In 2014 when I moved to Maryland I no longer needed the device so I returned it to a local store in NJ and I was given the UPS tracking number. I have never seen a bill since. In March of 2018, I switched to AT&T and Tmobile sent me a past due amount of 397$. Since the device was returned four years ago I repeatedly called to clear the false bill and every time I am promised it will be overwritten and that it is obviously a warehouse mistake, but they still send a bill every month. To make matters worse, T mobile sent the account to a collection agency and ruined my credit report since it now shows as a derogatory mark. I have never missed a payment with tmobile and I have never had a derogatory mark on my credit. Tmobile ruined my house purchasing process because of the repeated billing mistake

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