Refer-a-Friend Program stinks!


    I referred a friend to T-Mobile from Verizon by locking in his numbers and names. ( He switched two lines over) I then sent him a text using the link provided by T-Mobile. 24 Hours later he went to T-Mobile and switched service providers. At the time he switched he asked the salesman how does his friend (me) get his referral fee? The salesman told him to tell me all was good and have me call 611 to check on the status of the referral fee. When I called the support guy he said the fee wasn't valid because my friend failed to "accept the friend request 24 hours before he was a T-Mobile customer using the link I provided" This is a bunch of BS! If I locked in his number and name before he changed providers I am entitled to the referral fee! What a scam. Never again!.

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