Refer-a-Friend Program stinks!


    I referred a friend to T-Mobile from Verizon by locking in his numbers and names. ( He switched two lines over) I then sent him a text using the link provided by T-Mobile. 24 Hours later he went to T-Mobile and switched service providers. At the time he switched he asked the salesman how does his friend (me) get his referral fee? The salesman told him to tell me all was good and have me call 611 to check on the status of the referral fee. When I called the support guy he said the fee wasn't valid because my friend failed to "accept the friend request 24 hours before he was a T-Mobile customer using the link I provided" This is a bunch of BS! If I locked in his number and name before he changed providers I am entitled to the referral fee! What a scam. Never again!.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Refer-a-Friend Program stinks!

        Hey magenta6155343 


        I am so sorry for the confusion I cannot guarantee we will be able to qualify you for the referral bonus but we would still like to look at your account and see what happened here. If you Have a Facebook or Twitter account, please use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team.

        • capm

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          Yep, I'm pretty sure the refer-a- friend is just a scam. I did everything what I was supposed to,  a couple of months later was told all was good,  just wait. It's been 6 months, I've just gotten the runaround. Scam.

          • harleypan86

            Re: Refer-a-Friend Program stinks!

            As of November 2018, I can confirm T-Mobile referral program is likely a scam. I followed their rules on, convinced 2 friends to switch from AT&T. Activated the referral, waited for 24 hours, and went to the store together to activate new lines (and port-over their numbers). The clerk then ported their accounts into my family plan. They activated their lines with the BOGO iPhone deal (so they are truly new lines because you need to activate new lines in order to get that deal). Guess what? Their representative and manager told me this is not eligible for the referral program because new lines joined my family plan.




            This is cheating. Customers tried to pull their friends to join T-Mobile for you, you incentive them by rewarding, and then after things are done, you don't reward them. This is very serious. In legal matter, if T-Mobile doesn't make changes on soon, we have a case.