Get out of the Red promo, any "strings"?


    Sorry about double post, I am new and accidentally posted the following in the lounge (that was what popped up first), which I now realize is meant as off-topic stuff.  Here it is again, maybe someone here will know.  Thanks in advance!  (original follows...)


    Joined from VZW a few months ago, but my wife and I (especially my wife) finding just way too many times and places with no ability to use our phones and thinking maybe this was a bad idea.  I like TMobile rates, and customer service, and just seems like a cool company overall, but at the end of the day it is super important that stuff just work, with minimum issues.  Wife, for safety purposes, and myself as I work on call.  Strange thing is - contrary to the old TMobile 'reputation' - the majority of the problems we've experienced are in the towns in my area.  At my home in the country, five miles plus from even a traffic light, phones work like champs.


    What I need to know, and haven't been able to find an answer to from the online chat, is whether there is any kind of strings attached if we end up switching elsewhere, due to our having entered TMobile via the Get out of the Red promo.  Like, do we owe some of the money back if we don't stay X months, or similar?  I haven't seen anything like that in my attempts to comb through the fine print of the offer, but I don't know if there are any 'official rules' type pages I may have missed.  I know that would be a very 'Verizon-y' type of thing to do, but I didn't know if all carriers did similarly.  Note: I don't know for sure if I will try to stick things out and hope for more/better towers, or move on, but just want to know my options and consequences (if any).


    Thank you in advance for any help you might provide!  And if any TMobile representative has any answers they would rather email me versus posting them, that is fine also.  Thanks!

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Get out of the Red promo, any "strings"?

        Hey, gobuccos!


        Welcome to T-Mobile and our Support Community! It's a bummer things are working out so well for you or your wife coverage-wise but having a reliable signal is a must. I have a few questions for you:


        #GetOutOfTheRed promo -

        • Did you already receive your reimbursement(s)?
        • Do you have any devices financed with us?


        Coverage Issues -

        • What zip code do you not have adequate coverage in?
        • What type of phones are you and your wife using?
        • gobuccos

          Re: Get out of the Red promo, any "strings"?



          We did receive the reimbursements; we changed over in early or mid July, I forget the exact date.  And no, no financed devices.


          As for the coverage, parts of 16635, 16648, 16602, among others.  I have personally been in three different doctors offices with my wife (small buildings) where neither of our phones would work.  Sometimes would show a bar but not actually do anything, other times no service at all, and a few times "E" or "H" by an empty signal bar.  She visits with her grandfather at the Hollidaysburg veterans home, she cant get my messages there.  Chinese place in the middle of Hollidaysburg, I almost missed my work call - showed "E" with one bar, but the work caller said they had been trying several times to reach me.  Etc...  Phones are all supposed to be compatible, since they were 'get out of the red' eligible; I have a Pixel 2XL, wife an iPhone 8+.  Both work great in lots of places, but lots of other "in town" places where I expected to have no problems, they just either struggle or flat won't work.


          When it won't work, we do try to power cycle (as has been suggested to me on chat once) but that hasn't helped for the most part.  (It did help one time, in midtown Philly, when I had signal and my wife iPhone was a paperweight, I had her cycle it and that helped.)


          Thanks for responding, I was starting to fear this 'ask the community' thing was going to be another dead end. 

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: Get out of the Red promo, any "strings"?

              Thanks so much! No dead ends here! I wanted to be 110% sure you didn't have any financed devices. That being said, if you must leave, you won't be penalized. You'll just want to make sure you cancel at the end of your billing cycle to prevent additional charges after canceling.


              Let's talk about coverage! You're right -- those devices should work seamlessly. From looking at the three areas you listed, 16635 and 16648 doesn't have the strongest coverage in general. However, with those two locations, you should still be able to make/receive calls. For 16602, signal strength should be great so I'm not sure why that is happening. By chance, have you talked with our Tech Support teams about this yet? What we would do is file a service request ticket to have the Engineers investigate the area (we would need a few examples of calls attempted to be made in the specific area). This can either be done via 611 with Customer Care or through T-Force on Facebook/Twitter. Generally, it takes about 72 business hours for our Engineers to investigate the issue.

              • magentatechie

                Re: Get out of the Red promo, any "strings"?

                When I looked up 16648 on the coverage map, it noted a fair signal with "some" indoor coverage.  It does not note specifically if there is 600 mhz or 700 mhz signal there, perhaps one of our lovely mods can check for sure? 


                The reason I'm curious is that those are the best for indoor penetration and your devices do not support 600 mhz, but they do register 12(700).


                Now, I've just recently started studying about frequencies and device compatibility, so if I'm off, I pray that one of our more learned community members will set me straight!


              • gobuccos

                Re: Get out of the Red promo, any "strings"?



                I don't believe in my area that the 600mhz thing is an issue yet, from what I've seen and mapped regarding that rollout.  In any case, I wasn't planning to buy all new phones to get the 600mh band, until I was just ready to replace anyway.  But I figured from the existing map coverage that it wouldn't matter.  I suspect you are right, though, about the 'fair' thing.  Those towns have a ton of that light pink, which looks like coverage on the map but in reality is pretty touch and go.  Even in a car driving the main roads in those towns, or in small buildings, it's a coin flip at any given moment if it will work or not.  Thanks for checking in though!




                I'm not gone yet, and I might give that tech support thing a try in one of those places.  I never though about it because my problems were pervasive enough in those areas that I figured it wasn't an isolated problem that could be sniffed out, but likely just a slightly 'optimistic' signal map in my area that was crediting locations with 'capable of working on a perfect day, standing in the yard, with phone held in the air' coverage as being covered.  Interestingly, some of this is within two or three miles of our local TMobile store.

                • gobuccos

                  Re: Get out of the Red promo, any "strings"?

                  My work schedule has been crazy the last few days, so I haven't been out and about any.  Just home and work.  When I am off the next few days I will screenshot some stuff and pin some coordinates where it is falling flat, and try to figure out how to forward the info.