Voicemail Confusion


    On T-Mobile, I have free Visual Voicemail and have recently signed up for, and pay $5 monthly for, the "to text..." feature - Great!


    So I get a voicemail - easy enough, right?  Thing is, I receive a notification in the "Visual Voicemail" app (T-Mobile) I downloaded from the Play store AND a notification for the same message on what I can only assume is a native Android voicemail app on my Galaxy S9.  The "native" app, as it turns out, seems to transcribes the message for free - Why would I need the paid version from T-Mobile?


    Looking through the list of apps on the phone, I can't find any, native voicemail app.


    Never been so confused with something so simple - I just want 1 place where my voicemails go, where I can listen to (or read them), delete them, etc.  Not too much to ask.  Figured I would start asking in this forum as TM chat, over-the-phone tech service has proven completely useless, at best.


    What am I doing wrong?  Phone has been reset several times, cache cleared, data cleared, etc.  Always set up as a new device too.

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Voicemail Confusion

        Hey there, I understand you want to simplify your voicemail notifications.  Try something for me: go to Settings>Apps>3 dots in upper right hand corner>Show System.  Scroll down to Visual Voicemail, do you see 2 there? One may be the native app, click there and turn off notifications to only receive them through the T-Mobile app, and vice versa to only get notified from the native app.  I'm not 100% sure on this, and you might not see the option as I have a different make of device.  If this doesn't work for you, try changing the system settings: (your mileage may vary, this came from Google and the verbiage and content of your phone may be different)


        Change your voicemail settings

        1. Open your device's Phone app phone.
        2. At the top right, tap More More.
        3. Tap Settings and then Voicemail.
        4. You can:
          • Change what handles your voicemails: Tap Advanced and then Service.
          • Set up your voice mailbox: Tap Advanced and then Setup.
          • Change your notification settings: Tap Notifications.
          • Turn on vibration: Tap Notifications and then Vibrate.



        Personally, I only saw transcriptions of my voicemails when I bought a new phone and received a 30-day trial of VM2text. But, according to Google, the feature is available on Oreo or higher and only through T-Mobile, the article doesn't specify if the Voicemail to Text feature does or doesn't have to be on your line in order for it to work.

        • snn555

          Re: Voicemail Confusion

          If it's free through the Samsung app I would just use that and disable or remove and uninstall the T-Mobile app. If it's doing it for free then you don't need it. However it might be that the stock phone app is transcribing it because you have the service. The voicemail feature is built into the stock dialerr so it may not be a separate app.