Call/Text Forwarding to Galaxy Watch (from Sprint)


    I have the Galaxy watch, and I finally got it activated (T-mobile reps didn't tell me I'd need a T-Mobile phone) by borrowing a friends phone to activate the LTE and phone number. 

    Now with that out of the way, how do I set up call forwarding to the watch from my phone? Is there a way to do it with DIGITS? I was told the galaxy wearables app had a setting for it, but it seems it was deleted for the Galaxy Watch (the S3 had the option).

    Any help is appreciated.



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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, guitarjesus!


        Sorry there were some bumps in the road when activating your new Watch but I'm happy to read it's finally done.  Just to be sure I'm understanding you correctly, you want to forward all calls from your Sprint phone to your Galaxy Watch? Or the other way around?

          • guitarjesus

            Thanks for the reply.  I want to forward calls from my Sprint phone to my T-Mobile Galaxy Watch.  On the Sprint side, I can dial *73 with my watch number for conditional call forwarding but that means I have to let it ring and ring, most people will hang up. 


            Is there anything I can do in the app or with the watch to facilitate call forwarding?

              • tmo_amanda

                Gotcha! With DIGITS, this currently is not an available but the feature has already been requested. The only other way to do call forwarding would be what you mentioned a few days ago.

                • magentatechie

                  Hey there, guitarjesus (great name, BTW)! Excellent question!  Now, according to T-Mobile DIGITS | DIGITS Rate Plan | Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere , the Data with Paired DIGITS is the only plan with which the watch is compatible.  For billing purposes, the line is assigned a "phone number" but it cannot be used for incoming voice calls.


                  The required plan utilizes your primary number and acts as a copy.  This is how the watch is able to receive incoming calls from your primary number AFTER you have turned on the Multiple Devices option in the My Account app or  Not 100% sure if Sprint supports this function (like AT&T's NumberSync) or if so, I don't know if a number can be shared with a non-carrier device without loading a specific site or application (Such as the DIGITS app or web portal). The watch has no such abilty to access the actual portal, the DIGITS compatible funtion is built into the watch's dialer.  And furthermore, the Data with Paired DIGITS devices are required to be paired with a T-Mobile line on the same account as the DIGITS line in order for the LTE function to work properly.


                  I understand you utilized a friend's T-Mobile phone to establish the LTE function which is required to receive the paired number's calls, but now that it's paired with your phone, does it work without being connected to Bluetooth?


                  I ask because an alternative way of activating the watch's data is to place the user's T-Mobile SIM card into a Galaxy device, complete the setup, then return the SIM to the primary phone.  As you have a Sprint phone and SIM, I'm sure the procedure would not work for the reason specified above.  According to Wearable Technology | Apple Watch, Samsung Gear & More | T-Mobile , a T-Mobile wearable can only be paired via Bluetooth with a non-T-Mobile device.


                  Anywhoozle, sorry about the novel!


                  For the TL;DR- you can't forward your Sprint calls to your T-Mobile watch. Sorry for the bummer!


                  (BTW, fellow community members! I don't have access to all of my resources at this very moment, so if I misspoke anywhere, please let me know!)

                    • guitarjesus

                      The LTE works just fine, and also I can accept calls by using just the number assigned to the watch.


                      Here are some pictures, one showing network status, another showing me getting a call, from my own cell, to my watch's number.





                        • magentatechie

                          Huh. Curious. What kind of plan do you have for the watch?

                          • magentatechie

                            I ask because it sounds more like you have either a Simple Choice Wearable or T-Mobile ONE Wearable plan for the watch, which are no longer available to activate for any device as of 9/7.  If you indeed did get on one of those plans, you're likely one of the last ones out there! 


                            If you aren't on one of those plans, I'd love to know more because we'd be dealing with a systemic anomaly here!

                              • guitarjesus

                                I'm on the T-Mobile One NCC Wearable plan.  I didn't ask for any particular plan, just told the guy what I wanted.  So I'm grandfathered in then, awesome!  I signed up like on August 23rd or something,  so that works for me!.


                                What makes that plan different?

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                                  • magentatechie

                                    Yup, you lucky duck!


                                    The T-Mobile ONE Wearable plan DOES allow for incoming voice calls for a wearable device, if the watch is compatible.


                                    Your plan includes unlimited data (at up to 512 kbps), unlimited talk and text, optimized video streaming, and limited domestic data roaming (amongst other goodies).


                                    The largest differential is that you DO have an independent phone number for making and receiving calls and texts.  When you have Data with Paired DIGITS, as explained above, the "phone number" you are given is only there for billing purposes and can't be used for accepting voice calls.  By "pairing" your primary number with your DIGITS line, you can receive your primary number's phone calls on the watch using the LTE connection, thus the "leave your phone at home" function.


                                    As it appears that Samsung has removed the ability to forward calls to the wearable device via the app (according to tons of user testimonies), the only option available to you would be the manual forward through Sprint, but as you said, it probably wouldn't be the best experience as it would ring and ring.  For the watch to have the real ability to collect your calls, you'd have to activate a T-Mo line and switch from ONE to DIGITS.

                                  • xor

                                    >> T-Mobile ONE Wearable plan for the watch, which are no longer available to activate for any device as of 9/7.
                                    Where did you get that? As of right now, when you add Galaxy Watch to the cart it shows T-Mobile ONE Wearable $20/mo (after autopay discount)Capture.PNG

                                      • magentatechie

                                        Yes, I do see how it can be confusing.  Although the available information doesn't indicate it, the other Wearable plans are no longer available for Retail to add as a new line option.  (The OP activated his new service in the store before the change had taken place.)


                                        Also concerning is the specific mention of the Apple Watch with the One Wearable plan, in that it is not compatible with any plan except Apple Data with Paired DIGITS.


                                        And of note, is that Samsung has apparently removed the ability to forward calls to the watch with the introduction of the Galaxy, thus making necessary the use of a Data with Paired DIGITS line to capture the primary line's calls and texts.  The OP has a dedicated standalone line of service to his watch, but won't be able to get his primary number's calls on the wearable device without utilizing standard call forwarding, which has it's cons.  If he or anyone else has figured out a way around Samsung's new rules, I'd be thrilled to hear it!

                                          • xor

                                            Really interesting.

                                            >>Although the available information doesn't indicate it, the other Wearable plans are no longer available for Retail to add as a new line option.

                                            No, available information is clearly saying opposite:

                                            Simple Choice Talk & Text plans for your phone are no longer available, but whether you’re new to T-Mobile or already a customer with a tax-excluded postpaid account, you can sign up for Simple Choice Mobile Internet or Simple Choice Wearable.


                                            And above screenshot clearly shows that T-Mobile ONE wearable is added by default to the cart, therefore available.


                                            I'm currently in the same position as OP that I'm waiting for my Samsung Watch LTE to be delivered next week, and after discussion with T-Force I plan on activating T-Mobile One Wearable plan (I'm not t-mobile customer yet and plan to get separate phone number as well). T-Force even specifically said I would need One Wearable.


                                            Hope T-Mobile will honor advertised plan. Otherwise it smells like false advertising.

                                              • magentatechie

                                                I apologize for not making my meaning clear.


                                                Although the available information doesn't indicate it, the other Wearable plans are no longer available for Retail to add as a new line option 


                                                The OP initiated his watch service in a store before the change was made.  There was nothing said in the original discussion about adding a line via or any restrictions of available plans provided through that channel.


                                                As you do not yet have a T-Mobile line of service to share via DIGITS Talk and Text to the watch's Data with Paired DIGITS function, I would imagine your only option for service at this juncture would be the T-Mobile ONE Wearable plan. 

                                • xor

                                  Ah, got it.

                                  It is not an option to add this as additional line, but available as standalone option, right?



                                  P.S. sorry for hijack of the thead. I've got my heart pumping reading that this plan is no longer available.

                                    • magentatechie

                                      Well, as I understand it, customer care nor retail have the ability to add or change service to ONE or Simple Choice wearable.  New wearable lines initiated through those channels will be Data with Paired DIGITS.


                                      As of right now, it would appear that the only way to get a wearable on T-Mobile ONE would be as you did, through the website.


                                      My personal belief (read: opinion) is that T-Mobile made this change as a result of the new watch's inability to accept forwarded calls as previous ones were able, such as the Gear S3. 

                                      • magentatechie

                                        Oh, and the Hoff seemed like a cool cat, I'm sure he's chill about his inbox getting blown up!