Tmobile has lost their charm


    I have not been able to access my installment plan for some time now. There are always issues with your company website. No data is ever provided for bill summary or bill highlights. Reading the detailed bill is always a headache. Fees are never consistent with activity which requires constant investigation and phone calls to customer service. I'm disappointed with the website and quality of service. You guys were great when I first signed on years ago but now I cant wait to find a new provider.

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Tmobile has lost their charm

        Hey there, britanical!  To an extent, I can definitely see why you've become disenchanted.  I too am having issues viewing my installment plan details and have to resort to checking my balances on the monthly bill.  I saw where they reworked the site and made the actual LINK easier to find, but when you click on it there's no information there.  Is this what you've experienced?  I see where there was a known issue regarding this very problem about a year ago, I KNOW I've been able to access my EIP info at least 2-3 months ago so this is perhaps a new occurrence of the trouble.  I'm going to, and I do recommend that you do the same, reach out to T-Mobile later today and file a ticket for the missing info.  As I'm not seeing any mention of it for some time, I'm guessing a new master ticket needs to be filed in order to investigate.  Also, perhaps our Mods can chime in on if this is a renewal of the old known issue?


        Speaking of the bill, I actually liked the way they redid the paper billing; I find it much easier to read and break down the charges.  Do you have a regular post paid account?  Is there something specific that you're not liking about the way that the bills are laid out now?  I'm sure they'd like to hear any feedback you can provide that may help future incarnations of the website and bill more user friendly.


        Finally, I have to say I've had to have a couple of interactions with my Team of Experts in Springfield and I was very impressed.  I even tried the new messaging feature and was able to get a SIM card activated in less than 3-4 minutes total.  I've read on other posts here that some folks aren't having as much luck with their team and are not happy with the service they were able to receive.  This pains me, as I wish everyone could have experienced the positive interaction I was able to have.  My best advise to that is to always fill out those surveys!  Be honest and sincere!  If you had stellar service, shout it from the rooftops and give them props.  If you are not happy with your care, again- be honest and sincere.  Provide constructive feedback and the rep (and his/her leadership) will see it immediately and follow up with you if necessary.  This also ensures that the rep is educated on any shortcomings they may have revealed during a customer interaction.  It looks like some are having a rocky start with their Team, but there's always T-Force via Facebook and Twitter to fall back on for customer service when all else fails. 


        I sincerely hope that T-Mobile is able to find it's way back into your good graces!