Want to be sure I understand the “old folks” plan


    I’m currently on the T-Mobile One plan, with the early model One+ option with a chunk of high-speed tethering and HD video. However, I’ve finally convinced my wife that she can get off the old pay-as-you-go plan without spending a zillion dollars if I switch to the 55+ plan and she signs on as a 2nd user.


    Reading the fine, fine print, it appears that the plan’s the same, but minus the high-speed tethering, HD video and low-data-use kick back.

    The only one I’ll really miss is the tethering, but I’ve already confirmed that I can buy a bunch of bits for the two days a year that I might want it.


    Am I missing anything important?

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      • barcodeable

        55+ Plan does not include Netflix ,

        55+ Plan is not eligible for any insider Hookups, or certain other discounts (Unfortunately T-Mobile does not explain what these discount exclusions are).

        And also.... your 55+ Plan can only have two lines maximum.... you currently can not add more lines.



        There is Mobile Hotspot data at max 3G speeds included with the 55+ Plan.... but as you stated you can upgrade that with the “AMP up T-Mobile One Unlimited Plan” to 20 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot (with unlimited 3G thereafter) you get a bunch of other little extras too like the unlimited HD streaming while in the US (requires activation). and I have no clue how much the AMP up tmobile one unlimited plan 55+ cost... i would have to reserch that one.



        Can I ask why you want to switch from your current plan (T-Mobile One Plus) to migrate over to the 55+ Plan?

        Why not add your wife to your current plan?


        If the money is a factor... how much will you save monthly if youswitched to the 55+ Plan (with your wife) as opposed to adding your wife to your current plan?

          • rbob

            Assuming no other promotions, two users on straight T-Mobile One costs $120/month, while two users on the 55+ plan is $70/month.


            That's according to the current prices on the Web site.

              • snn555

                Once on that plan there really are no promotions because that plan is a promotion. All of the couples I have gotten to switch over to that plan are more than happy with it.  Of course if you were to travel very often out of the States you would see I missing feature there however all the people I know are the top to stay home or travel within the United States and have had no service issues and are at $70 flat a month. Of course if they decide to upgrade phones they have that added charge but the plan itself is $70 total.  A couple of them have tablets and have had no issue on 3-g tethering.

                • barcodeable

                  I would switch over if i were in your shoes... but you have to be comfortable with it.

                  Your wants, needs, and standards are different from mine, and others. I read on T-Mobile Website the Amp Upgrade is only $10 each if you put it on both your line and on your wifes line. If you only add the ANP upgrade to your line it will cost $15 a month. I would go with the $10 per line offer if I were you. So your bill would be $90 per month. I would verify that there are no hidden fees or taxes associated with the Amp upgrade and verify your projected monthly bill just to be sure.


                  Saving $50 a month/ $600 a year is a great incentive to switch.


                  T-Mobile have promotions and incentives all the time, so in the future if there is “something new” that can be added at a discounted rate, you may not be eligible. A couple of years ago T-Mobile gave a 2 Free lines....  and about a month or so after that they gave another free line to its customers.... but people with a single line account was not eligible unfortunately. So be aware, there is a possibility of a similar promotion in the future you may not be able to take advantage of. But if you are saving $600 a year, that glittery promotion may be only fools gold. You actually have nothing to lose and 600 things every year to gain.


                  As snn555  stated “Do it”

                  • gramps28

                    I switched over when it first came out and I pay $60 a month after a $5 per line bill credit.


                    I also was able to get the LG V30 bogo offer since I didn't need to add a line.

                • barcodeable

                  I need to make a correction, a small clarification with my previous post. I stated there is a two line maximum for the 55+ Plan, thats not entirely true. Additional plan details states... If you need data lines T-Mobile ONE for Tablets & Wearables and other Mobile Internet lines can be added alongside your voice lines. But, the maximum voice lines you can currently have under the 55+ Plan are 2 lines.


                  sorry for any confusion

                  • snn555

                    Do it!  I've gotten 3 over 55 couples to switch. 3G tethering IS included.

                    • rbob

                      Too late


                      Went to the local T-Mobile shop and made the switch. The agent knew what he was doing, but it took a bit longer than expected. Probably because we made my wife the primary account holder and me just an added user; I'm not going to live forever, but she probably will.