t-mobile665, "no service" bad SIM??


    I have  a Tmoblile 665 prepaid phone that has been working fine for years. all of a sudden, it will not connect to network and will display a "no service".  once in a while after several HOURS turning off and on it will connect.  once it shows connected/service it will be fine until I turn it off and try to turn it back on.  Thinking maybe the phone was just dying, I bought new one, and put the old SIM card in the new device and it too will not connect. at all now.  does that sound like a bad SIM card??

    the plan is the very old "$2/per day use" one, as the phone is a backup phone and maybe used 2 days a month.  could the phone showing No Service because it's an old outdated plan??  the new device came with a SIM but how do I go about swapping with the old card?

    Pre paid customer support dept was of no help.

    Can a SIM card just die?? I'm guessing it's the card as the new device will not work either.  I'm not sure how to go about transferring the phone number/info to the new SIM.  but I am also wondering if the "no service" is because the plan is an outdated one so the phone no longer "works"?

    thanks for any advice.  I am stuck.

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      • magentatechie

        Re: t-mobile665, "no service" bad SIM??

        Hey there! I'm sorry about the service issues you're having.  I do believe the old SIM could definitely be at fault.  I've seen where they can become defective after very long term use.


        To change out the SIM, you will need to contact customer care.  If you have issues with 611, you can use the Message Us link on this page, or reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.


        As far as your plan goes, it should only be listed with T-Mobile as Grandfathered or Legacy and won't expire or force you to change it, however, you might want to look into the $3 monthly Pay As You Go plan.    Depending on your usage, it might be a touch more economical. 

          • magenta6132299

            Re: t-mobile665, "no service" bad SIM??

            Thank you for the reply and info!  after turning off/off for almost 2 hours, the phone connected to service again.  so i'lve left it on.  will try and swap out the SIM and go from there. I didn't realize twitter and such were an option. I may go that route.  and good to hear I won't be forced out of the plan (I was afraid that since the plan was discontinued, maybe was the cause of the phone getting service). the phone is only used once or twice per month (by parents) so the day/use plan is perfect. it's getting hard to find plain flip phones that seniors want vs touchscreen/smartphones.

            anyway, thanks again for the suggestions. hopefully swapping out the sim will have it connectiong again. much appreciated!