Frequently missing calls and "line unavailable"


    Hi. I'm using a DIGITS line as a work number for my contracting jobs, so it's important that I be able to answer phone calls-- that's all I need DIGITS to do! But generally, the phone doesn't even ring when I have an incoming call, and I don't see notifications of missed calls or voicemails until several minutes (or even hours!) after the call.


    Also, sometimes when I try to make outgoing calls using the DIGITS app, I get the message "calls unavailable, line is offline." I've checked and re-checked, and my DIGITS line is always activated, and on "use minutes & data" mode.


    At this point I've distributed my DIGITS number on business cards, emails, etc. and I can't just get rid of it/get a new number. Plus, the DIGITS feature is one of the reasons I chose T-Mobile in the first place. So... how do I make it actually work?

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