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    I live in Georgia (Easter Europe) and bought t mobile htc one m8 on ebay, it is locked to t-mobile and I can't use it on my country's networks, could anyone tell me what should I do?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Unlocking for other country

        Unlock your mobile wireless device


        Short answer is you need to be a T-Mobile US Customer to get an unlock code from T-Mobile.


        Options I see:

        1. Return the purchase from ebay for a refund, or
        2. Purchase an unlock code from a third party.  T-Mobile will not recommend a third party unlock service.


        I'd recommend #1

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        • levani132

          Re: Unlocking for other country

          I know T-Mobile will not recommend second option, but how do you think, won't they give me chance to use this phone while I don't have any connection with your country and I don't affect T-Mobile policies or anything by using their phone outside USA? at&t actually allowed me to use their phone back when I bought my last phone. And one more thing don't you know how to contact t-mobile guys somehow? will they see this post and pay attention to it?