Want to cancel Pandora Premium subscription


    Didn't see the fine writing that only one person can listen at a time - doesn't work in a household of 5!  Tried to downgrade in pandora via the app, the app store, online, and via T-mobile support and nothing has worked!  Help!!!!!

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      • magentatechie

        Hey there! So sorry you're having a hard time cancelling your Pandora account and that the free one didn't work out for your family.  Did you check the steps here?  It says you do have to log in using a computer, not a mobile device.  I have a strong feeling this requirement can be bypassed by using Desktop Mode on your device.  For Android, in Chrome- press the 3 dots in the upper right, then select Desktop Site.  For iOS, press and hold the Refresh button in Safari until you see the Desktop Site option appear.


        Good luck! Hope this helps!

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        • smplyunprdctble

          Keep the premium account for the next year and use it in common rooms or something (or keep it for yours), and create another account(s) for the rest of the 5?

          At least that way, everyone could keep their own stations.

          Not sure why you would have five people sharing one free account (and therefore trying to share one premium with this offer) instead of having five separate accounts.


          It's a freebie -- why would you cancel it?  I don't even know if Pandora has the option to cancel a freebie, but you'd have to contact them if you want something adjusted to your account, since it's a Pandora account, not a T-Mobile account.

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          • tmo_chris

            Just checking in here to see if you still had any additional questions on this. magentatechie and smplyunprdctble provides some pretty insightful info.

            • barcodeable

              Note: The regular Pandora accounts are free to create and are riddled with some cool    advertisements. Also, if you successfully cancel your Pandora Premium subscription, you will still have the 1 free account for 5 people. And then if you decide you want to get the Premium service again... you will have to pay the monthly subscription.


              So if you really want to add advertisements, and add limitations to not be able to have unlimited skips, and replays of your favorite songs.. and not to have the option to listen to offline stations...


              If you have an Android Device... you can manage your subscription in the app store.

              Or go online to the Pandora website and deactivate your plan.




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