Using Digit with two sim in one phone


    I am deploying to Italy for three years. If I use a local sim card can I use digests to keep the same number?  I plan to swap sim cards while in Italy for local calls and keep my current phone number for contacts back home.

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      • magentatechie

        Hey there!  You have a great question!  Three years is certainly a long time and I definitely would hate to see you lose your number!  My biggest concern is that T-Mobile service is not intended for extended use outside of the US (this includes use of DIGITS lines).  You may get flagged as an "Extreme Roamer" and your line may be subject to cancellation as a result.   


        If you are wishing to hang on to your number while you're away, you can request a Military Suspension to be placed on your line. 

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Using Digit with two sim in one phone

          The suggestion above is really the best option. As mentioned, your primary usage will need to be in the US so that's something you'll wanna keep in mind when you travel.

            • magenta6111557

              Thanks for the feed back.  I will request a military suspension

              from T-Mobile for my wife and I.


              I will need to get both cell phones unlocked so we can use an international

              SIM card.  We don't owe anything for our cell phone so this should be



              My adult daughter is on the account with us and I will continue paying for

              her cell service.  So the account will either go to a single account or we

              will find a new provider for my daughter.  I think I have been with

              T-Mobile for over 13 years so maybe our loyalty will mean something for my

              daughters account.

                • magentatechie

                  Good call!


                  What kinds of phones do you have?  If they are newer Androids, you you will simply need to use the Device Unlock app.  For iPhones, you'll need to reach out to care and request the unlock.  It's better to take care of this sooner rather than later in case any issues come up from the unlock processes.


                  If I may, I'd also recommend establishing a T-Mobile ONE Military account in your name and move your daughter's line to it as a single line plan.  This will provide her with unlimited talk, text, and LTE data for $55/month (with autopay, $60 without).


                  If moving her line leaves only yours and your wife's lines on your tenured account, and you put in for the military suspension, your monthly bill for your plan will be $0, unless you have device or accessory payments on EIP or JUMP on Demand.  When you return, simply reactivate your lines and your plan and tenure will be intact.


                  Also, please note that if your daughter currently has an EIP on her phone, it can be moved to her new line, but if she is leasing a device, the phone payments will have to remain on your account and will be charged monthly with your regular bill.


                  And finally, since this new account will not have any tenure or history, I would recommend performing any desired upgrades for your daughter BEFORE you move her to the new account as she may be expected to pay a higher down payment than would be necessary as part of your tenured account.


                  I hope I was able to provide some useful information! Thank you for your service and have a safe trip!

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                    • magenta6111557

                      More great info.


                      I have a Note 8 and my wife has a brand new J7 Star.  No EIP or Jump on

                      Demand.  So sounds like there is an app for that. (Device Unlock App)


                      I should have looked at the Military Option already.  So I will definitely

                      open a T-Mobile ONE Military for my daughter.  She also has a Note 8 and

                      also no EIP or Jump on Demand.  She is very happy with the Note 8, of

                      coarse so we are good to go there.


                      Very much appreciate the very useful information as I try to reduce the

                      stress of this move.


                      One last concern which is more about timing.  My billing cycle ends on the

                      23rd of the month.  We check into our military flight on 23 October at 11PM

                      (2300) and our flight departs at 2AM (0200) on 24 October.  Can we schedule

                      our military suspension to begin at 12AM (0000) on 24 October and have a

                      zero bill for the billing cycle that ends 23 November?


                      I also have to work out the timing for my daughters new line to hopefully

                      start that line on or around that same time.


                      Thanks again for the information.

                        • magentatechie

                          It sounds like you've got a great plan, you can reach out to care and pre-plan your suspension to start on the 24th, just make sure that you specify Military suspension when making your request.  It will go into effect roughly at 0000 on the day requested.


                          So glad I could help!

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