Government Emergency Alerts with Wi-Fi Calling enabled


    I switched to T-Mobile last year and I've noticed that I haven't received a single Government issued alert (inclement weather, amber alert, etc.) since switching over.  I've done the turn off, reboot, turn on, etc. tricks but to no avail.  I'm currently on the IPhone X.


    I have coworkers with T-Mobile sitting next to me getting the alerts.  The only difference between them and me is I have the "T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling enabled" so I'm on the T-Mobile wifi network where they are just on the straight cell network.  I still have a bar of cell service though.


    Has anyone else had this happen?  If I turn off the wifi network will they start appearing again?  I use it just to get a boost for my signal as there are some dead spots in my home and office.

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      • dragon1562

        I get the alerts just fine and use wifi calling. Is it possible that where you live you have to sign up for these kinds of alerts? I personally had to do that when I moved but I also live in a college town so it might be different for you. It may be worth looking into or asking your co-workers if they did anything special. I actually do not get any alerts on my AT&T line so who knows.

          • mpd2003

            I never had to when I was on AT&T.  When I first signed up for the wifi calling it made you place your address for emergency 911 services but that is different than receiving the alerts.  Either way that address is correct to my home one.


            I had called T-Mobile yesterday and their support said everything looked good on their end and they transferred me to apple support, which just told me to turn the alerts on and off and reboot.  Which I've done many times before.


            I am stumped on what it can be.

          • snn555

            Who knows it may all have something to do with how the alert originates from a particular location. It's a farfetch theory but when you're on the network you're connected to a local Tower when you're connected to Wi-Fi you could be connected to basically anywhere else. I know when I'm connected to Wi-Fi my location is over 4 hours away from where I actually am because of my ISP location. Maybe somehow or another the phone's GPS location and the Wi-Fi's connection location don't exactly jive with the e-911 location.  could be that you get alerts based upon the location of your e-911 address however the Tower or the Wi-Fi network is showing a different location.

              • mpd2003

                That's what I am thinking too honestly.  I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this.  I saw one post on Apple support's page where this happened to someone but not much else other than that.  I'm guessing my work IP is messing with where it thinks my phone is located hence why I didn't get it on the T-Mobile wifi network but my coworker sitting 2 cubes away did just being on the cell network and attached to a regular wifi network.


                I turned off wifi calling to see if that is the case next time, but there is no way to test it until we get another alert here so we'll see.

              • natec16

                I'm also on an iPhone and don't receive alerts. I haven't for quite a while—not since changing over from AT&T to T-Mobile a little over a year ago. I have three lines on my T-Mobile account and none of them get the emergency alerts. Have been back and forth with T-Mobile a couple of times and no one seems to know what's happening or why I'm not getting them.

                • mpd2003

                  So just to update.  I have been back and forth with Apple and T-Mobile and no one can seem to figure this out.  I thought maybe it was my phone thinking my location was somewhere else, but when the entire country received the Presidential Alert, my phone once again was silent and did not receive it. 


                  This has to be something on T-Mobile's end in terms of the pushing of the notification on their cell towers.