T-Mobile app won't use my Pixel's fingerprint sensor. Why?


    Any clue why the T-Mobile app won't use the fingerprint sensor on my Pixel?


    My wife just got a shiny new Motorola X4 and when she fired up the T-Mobile app the 2nd time, after manually logging in once, it offered to let her sign on with her fingerprint, which worked.


    Nothing like that happens on my Pixel.


    My Pixel's running Android 9.0 (Pie), while her X4 is running 8.1 (Oreo), so maybe there are permissions changes, or maybe something else entirely.


    Or maybe it's because we did a major account shuffle just this afternoon. We realized that practically every financial arrangement we have is in my name, because I'm the one who doesn't mind sitting in front of the PC for hours on end doing data entry. So, we switched to the 55+ plan, with her as the primary account holder and me as a lowly additional user. Could it be that only the primary account holder gets to use the fingerprint sensor?


    Adding insult to injury, the Web-based T-Mobile account manager doesn't recognize the Pixel in the "My Phone" screen. I realize that T-Mobile never sold the Pixel, so it's not on that list, but since T-Mobile did offer a Pixel promotion at the same time T-Mobile One was introduced, you'd think they'd welcome it as an adopted child, or something


    It doesn't recognize my wife's X4 either.

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