Oh where, oh where is tmobile, coverage that is.


    Okay so most people will see the title and think I am going to rant about lousy T-Mobile coverage and you know what? Your right! Kind off

    Okay so for the past few weeks actually few months I have been traveling, mostly through the mid western United States and southern California.

    I have notice once I get close to Colorado my coverage begins to fade out and eventually I have no service at all. Of course this area is very very rural with only I think four or five small to moderate towns.

    Going through the Rockies service was touch and go. I stopped in the Denver area several times and had zero coverage. I kept getting a no service message, I checked for the nearest T-Mobile cellphone tower and found out I was rather close to several and the fact that I had seen several T-Mobile stores I figured T-Mobile must have service in the area.

    I tried several different things to get coverage. I finally went into settings changed one setting to LTE/3g and something with network operators I got shifted to some cell service provider in Colorado, cell one something in Colorado it worked fairly well. Around fort Morgan Colorado it faded out and I was able to get T-Mobile coverage again. I had five service bars, LTE speed?? I have read something about 5G speed? My LTE speed was no where near 5G speed, it was way beyond.

    There was absolutely zero lag. I use the multiple window function, played games, ✔ emails it was impressive.  Then I got into Nebraska and what did I have? No cellphone service. I did manage to get 2G service every now and then.

    But eventually I lost coverage. So I tried that change network thing and got switch to someone maybe Sprint? Could have been cellular one ? Maybe at&t all I know is I got switched over and got decent coverage. However around Lincoln Nebraska I lost coverage completely absolutely nothing worked.

    So in short this week about 80% of the time I had no bleeping coverage with T-Mobile, I have been thinking about moving to fort Morgan Colorado simply for T-Mobile coverage. I don't know what it was but if there was a perfect T-Mobile spot it was fort Morgan Colorado.

    However my chances of getting my wife to relocate there are zilch to none.

    This morning I found myself a few minutes outside of Los Angeles and guess what no coverage! How can I not have coverage? According to several different cellphone tower maps I am surrounded by T-Mobile cell towers yet I have no coverage. If I shift my phone just right I get the ocassional two bars.

    As I stated above I have been traveling the last few months. However the last two weeks have finally broken the camels back. I have been missing calls from work and when my wife tries to call me or text neither goes through.

    So what does that mean?

    I am leaving T-Mobile again for the 3rd or 5th time, due to coverage issues, actually that is not true while yes I will be leaving T-Mobile as my direct service provider and going back to project fi which T-Mobile amped up on speed and energy drinks.

    I wonder if the note 8 will work on project Fi?

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