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    I recently started using prepaid service (Pay as you go plan with data feature). I can call, text and use data by my phone. But I can't access My T-mobile (both of App and Web) to check a balance and manage features.

    When I access My T-mobile, I get the following message.

    You are not authorized to access this account.


    If you are the account owner, please dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone or 1-877-778-2106 from a non T-Mobile phone.


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    I went to a store for this issue, but the representative said all I need is wait. He said this is SIM issue, and my account would be activated a few days later. I also tried rebooting my phone, re-inserting SIM card etc as he suggest, but nothing happens.

    I need to fix this as I have to be out of U.S. for a while and need to check and manage my plan through My T-Mobile.



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