Note 9 Screen Time Out Bug?


         I just got my note 9 (128GB Lavender), started transferring items over, you know all the normal upgrade checklist items. Put it in a case, literally out of one box into another. Haven't dropped it, its been in my hands or sitting on a table. I cannot for the life of me get the screen time out settings to set. I tried setting it to 10 minutes but within seconds it blacks out and locks up. Both plugged in and unplugged. Connected to charger, not connected to charger. I've restarted it a few times and even done a factory reset and a cache partition reset.


         I've tried to contact customer service but they didn't listen to anything I said. Transferred me to a Samsung specialist. I let them know all the different things I have done and they transferred me to Samsung call center which automatically disconnected me. Getting extremely frustrated.


         As an aside the other note 9 (128GB blue) I got for the other line does not have this issue. Staying active for 10 minutes without an issue.


         Any suggestions before I go to the T-mobile store in the morning to try and get it switched? Pretty pissed especially since the phone was late due to, "adverse weather conditions" that were not reported by FAA or National Weather Service.

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      • anhedonicwolf

        Re: Note 9 Screen Time Out Bug?


             Samsung wants to warranty it, and are sending me to a local authorized repair shop.

             T-Mobile was utterly useless. They only could do a buyer's remorse situation and then I would have to drop the full amount for the device because all the promotions would be dead. Not to mention losing out on other promotions.


             I'm finding some similar things popping up in other forums about this time out, a relic issue from the S8 error. There was some concern about sensors and a load of other possibilities but no exact fix. I'm actively in talks with Samsung and likely will just be expecting a massive list of credits from T-Mobile for their bloatware and changes to the OS causing these issues. Either way, a very disappointing start and a very concerning issue with adequate CS from T-Mobile.

        • androidz32015

          Re: Note 9 Screen Time Out Bug?

          Same here mine overheats, same thing yours is doing also storing apps on sd card or and files they disappear etc. Mines worse mines a 512 gb blue and on backordered when told would be sent out in 2 days??? Was remorse return too, then I was emailed a return label, now stuck with a 1249 dollar brick, may just return it and cancel the one being sent the note 9 wasn't all that the more I used it my note did all the same, and t mobile customer service was very rood I'm going to just label the note 9 and cancel the ordered one and cancel all than go to Verizon and get the new iPhone. This is not worth a $1358 dollar junk. Sorry t mobile but you guys are rude on the phone, I don't find that professional at all. Ditch t mobile and go to Verizon anheddonicwolf

          • magentatechie

            Re: Note 9 Screen Time Out Bug?

            Hey there!  I am so sorry about your frustrating screen timeout situation. Have you noticed the problem all the time or only when certain apps are running?


            I know it's not exactly ideal, but have you thought about utilizing an app to override the timeout?  I ask because I had a similar issue with my G5 and rather than go through the rigamarole of a warranty exchange of an otherwise perfectly fine phone, I installed Screen Timeout and it really did fix the issue.


            I know it's not great to have to use a separate app to perform a task that the phone should be able to do on its own, but it might be worth a shot.


            Hope this helps!