Horrible service for the first time ever.


    not sure where else to complain at. I took my dad to a t-mobile retailer to add him to my account.

    (Trying to save money for both of us) anywho.

    Right off the bat the guy that “helped” us made things

    so complicated. He said it would be hard to transfer My dad over. The guy had me call T-Mobile myself while literally being in the store to add him to my account. It was a long process. When I was done, something still wasn’t right and the guy couldn’t add my dad to my account. He tells me to call t-mobile again and just cancel my dads current account because he said it will just be easier that way.. easier for who??? This is your job!! I told him no, because my dad will loose his number which is also his personal business number. The guy just looked at me like well it’s up to you... I was super annoyed by this point. 1+ in the store just trying to add my dad. The t-mobile guy kept saying how he’s in the navy

    Thank you for your service man! I’m also

    In the navy, could you just help me now??

    After everything was done, he didn’t bother

    Transferring my dads old phone information

    To his new phone. He said just sign in

    To your Apple ID and things should be there.

    He was not motivated! Had my talk to a representative on the phone while

    Being there my whole morning.


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      • magentatechie

        Hey there! I'm really sorry you had such poor service in the store. 


        Did your dad have a T-Mobile account or was he on another carrier? If he was on T-Mobile, moving him over requires a Change of Responsibility and actually has to be performed by care as the stores do not have the necessary program available to them.


        If he was on another carrier, the store could have started a new temporary line of service and requested the port of his number.