Can I turn off 2 factor authentication?


    Updated Digits today and am irritated by the number of times I have had to get security codes or to answer my favorite pet question.  Even with my bank, I have to authenticate the first time I log on using an unrecognized device, but after that first time a password is sufficient.  If it's good enough for my bank, not sure why it can't work with T-mobile Digits.  Any way to turn this off or at least to limit the number of times I have to authenticate?

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Can I turn off 2 factor authentication?

        Hey there, csgnyc!  I feel you, having to authenticate every single time definitely can get annoying.  Unfortunately, it is now a requirement as of the update that rolled out on the 6th.  As of yet, there's not a way to "remember this device" as there is with other secured websites.  My best guess would be due to the extremely sensitive and private nature of the content of the website (texts, phone numbers, so on and so forth), user verification is necessary at every log in.


        T-Mobile did set up an e-mail address for issues and suggestions,  I would definitely reach out to them with this pain point, I'm sure others are feeling the same way!

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Can I turn off 2 factor authentication?

          I do see what you mean, and we do appreciate the feedback. I can't say it'll change but as always, we do thank you for coming here and letting us know how we can improve this service.

            • bbarr

              Re: Can I turn off 2 factor authentication?

              how about tying it to Windows Hello, google authenticator, Microsoft authenticator, or email?  I definitely like the idea of 2 factor authentication... But on my laptop that I already have encrypted and password protected, I would really like to use it just like on the phone, it boots on startup I want it to be instantly available once I connect, I don't want to have to go log in again.  I realize that this might not be the 'most' secure but I am willing to give up that slight increase in security for a large increase in productivity (just bury it in settings so we don't select that option willy nilly?). 

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            • eturk

              Re: Can I turn off 2 factor authentication?


              So telling us "Tough! Deal with it. We don't care that it's annoying and NO OTHER COMPANY does this to its customers." is resolved?


              Windows 10 reboots automatically quite often for security updates. This is a good thing! But now DIGITS programmers do this nonsense and there's not way to get it fixed?


              That's not service. That's a support person in a remote location told to blow off customers. Congrats on become Sprint. So sad.



              • 2loki4u

                Re: Can I turn off 2 factor authentication?

                The craziest thing is that my last recommendation / submission for "feature request" was specifically to eliminate the need to go through 2 pages to login - the username and password page and the register device page -


                so the answer to that request was: "Sure, it's not difficult and annoying enough the way it is - so let's make it more so by adding 2-step authentication so they have to go through 3 pages of nonsense - because hey - we really don't want to spend time and money on this feature so we'll make it so annoying to use they'll give up on it" 


                Seriously, not tying it to an authentication service like recommended by another - be it windows, google or another - is a serious disservice to your customers...


                Sorry to vent - but really, i don't think someone in your camp is "getting it" - this pettiness is way beneath T-MO - or at least it use to be...


                Seriously - this is frustrating to consumers who are YOUR CUSTOMERS

                • vandevsr

                  Re: Can I turn off 2 factor authentication?

                  Thanks to the OP for an honest report. This two-factor stuff is frustrating. I can't imagine that the guys who created the software actually use it themselves.  I run a Windows 10 machine that I frequently reboot.  Factor in this loss of security: the increased likelihood that someone will walk by when I'm filling in those questions.  Personal questions are not meant to be a password.


                  Anyway, I disagree that this post is resolved. How is it resolved??!!   Look up Windows DIGITS doesn't auto-login to note that this is a long-standing frustration, and now add two-step to this.  Passing stuff on as a feature request has been absolutely unhelpful!  It's not resolved that it takes way more clicking and typing to get digits up and running!  T-MOBILE, please honestly resolve this. Don't just tell us that someone from T-Mobile has read this forum.  Do something to remember our login. I'd like to choose my level of security for my own information.