Why is my reimbursment from the carrier freedom deal a fraction of what i owe and told me they would pay?!


    I want to know WHY my reimbursment amount is showing $161 instead of the $600 I owed on my iPhone I traded in!!! I am pretty upset. I submitted documents at the end of July and kept calling to get a status because i owe ATT. I've tried to wait it out as long as I could with ATT so I wouldnt have to shell out my money. Well now ATT tells me if I dont pay now it is going into collections. I call Tmobile and they tell me to call Carrier Freedom line, but it was closed that day. I call the next day and the automated robot kept saying "I'm sorry you're having trouble, try to call back later, goodbye!" I didnt even press anything and it hangs up on me. I finally figure out how to check the Reimbursement online and the thing says $161 when the bill I gave them said $605 and they assured me it would be payed. I need this fixed asap. When I call I have to be transferred and no one is open and all that good stuff that happens when anyone calls customer service anywhere in this world.

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