Voicemail not showing up online or when I call in from another phone


    This is making me crazy.  My voicemail is working perfectly on my phone (iphone 8.)  BUT... when I dial in to voicemail from another phone (cell or landline), it tells me I have no messages.  AND, when I go online to tmobile.com to pick up my voicemail, it also says I have no messages.  I have spent hours on the phone with TMobile whose last effort was to contact Apple to see if there were any problems there.  I told them that Apple (my iphone) was the only part of the system that is actually working properly, but they still insisted.  This seems like a TMobile system problem to me.  Is anyone out there experiencing this?  This is a HUGE problem for me as my cell phone is my business line and my assistant's job is to dial in remotely and pick up my messages. HELP!  And thank you!

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