So many issues! Need some help on several questions


    I just signed up for tmobile prepaid a few days ago. I sent myself a text message from a different phone and seemed to work.


    Today, nothing seems to be working:


    1. I tried sending myself a text message again from that phone and it no longer receives.
    2. I tried sending an OUTGOING text message (reply) to that text earlier that worked, and says it was "blocked" due to some "blocking service" active (OUTGOING is blocked? That's so weird).
    3. I tried getting the tmobile app and opening it with stock Android O (Note 8): I am getting infinite spinny wheel on startup (seems that others have this issue in other discussions).
    4. I tried to login to "my account" on, but it keeps saying to make sure my phone number is correct: It's correct! O_o
    5. I tried calling tmobile, but they transferred me to the prepaid department .... I was on hold for OVER AN HOUR on a TUESDAY! Does prepaid support even exist...? If I were to call and leave the phone on overnight, would I wake up and have it still be on hold?


    I can't do anything and I can't get support through app/website/phone -- what is going on?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        That's a real letdown you're having this kind of trouble with the service, but we're here to help. A lot of what you're experiencing could be coming from your reception. How many bars of signal do you have? Do you have a solid connection or does it fluctuate? Is this a T-Mobile branded phone or did you get it from another vendor? I suggest double checking the APN settings then giving the phone a restart before you test out the services.

        • dylanh724

          Although I appreciate your input, your suggestion about signal is completely unrelated. For example, I registered with my desktop PC. I still reached customer service successfully, but they found my number server side and saw its bugged. Everything is server side, unrelated to my connection bars.


          PS - this site is horribly broken on the mobile site. For such a giant company, my experience both on this forum and starting up feels like a high school garage startup. I still haven't fixed my issues and waiting on engineers to get back to me. I bet AT&T wouldnt make me wait this long and actually spend a budget on a proper mobile site.