No Account Access?





    I can change my password, but cannot log in to the website.

    How is this even possible?


    Trying to find if my account is still active. I ported my TMOB

    number to Google Voice, and have access and service from neither?\




    Thanks in advance..

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      • jdphx

        Re: No Account Access?




        I can change my password...


        Then it says it requires a number to link...


        Finally saying number is registered to another user... Yeah.. ME!!


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          • magentatechie

            Re: No Account Access?

            Hey there, I'm sorry for the troubles! When did you request the port? It can take a couple of days for everything to move over as long as Google has all of the information entered correctly.  If there is a problem with the port, Google Voice will send you an e-mail describing the delay and you can check on the status by logging in to your Google Voice account. 

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: No Account Access?

              Hey, jdphx!


              Hmm...that's very odd! You usually get to this screen when you're signing up for a T-Mobile ID and then you link to your T-Mobile phone number. It's possible to have a T-Mobile ID without a T-Mobile phone number. You mentioned that you were able to change your password but I think you changed the password for the T-Mobile ID. If you were previously able to login to, have you tried using the same log in?

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: No Account Access?

              Happy Friday, jdphx! Just stopping by to see if you've been able to log into your account. If not, please see the above info.