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      • magentatechie

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        Hey there! To which PIN are you referring?  I'd love to help, I just need to know which direction to go.  Are you a prepaid customer?

          • magenta6319762

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            forgot my pin number to my phone Galaxy s8

              • magentatechie

                Re: PIN

                Oh no! Are you referring to the screen lock? You might be in luck, did you set up your Samsung account with the phone?  If so, you can log into Find My Mobile with your Samsung log in info and unlock your screen from there.


                If you don't have a Samsung account, unfortunately, you might be looking at doing a factory reset to get back into the phone, but remember that you must have your Gmail information (username and password) that you used to log in to the phone at your initial start up.  The phone will not allow you entrance unless you are able to verify the correct Gmail account (this is a newish security feature), and if you do not have your password available and have to reset it, you could be looking at being locked out of the phone for 24-72 hours, depending on your version of Android and when exactly you requested the password reset.


                If it comes down to it, you will need to get into the recovery menu to reset the phone.  In order to get to the recovery menu, the device has to be shut off, but most likely you will not be able to shut off the phone without entering a PIN.  What a conundrum!


                You can "trick" your phone into the recovery menu by forcing a restart (simulated battery pull) then immediately shifting your fingers to the position to access the menu.  This can be done by :


                Hold the Power and Volume DOWN button at the same time until the display turns off (this is a simulated battery pull), then IMMEDIATELY shift your fingers to press Volume UP, Bixby key, and Power.  When the green Android logo displays, release all of the keys.  You may see "installing system update" or something similar for about 30-60 seconds before the recovery menu loads.


                (I realize this sounds like some complicated digital acrobatics, but it really does work!)


                When the recovery menu appears, you will use the Volume Up and Down keys to move the highlight, you will press volume down several times until "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" is selected, then press the Power button to confirm.  You will press the Volume Down key again to select "Yes--delete all user data," then press power again.  When the master reset is complete, "Reboot System Now" will be highlighted, press Power one more time to reboot the phone.

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              Hey ashanti5157 


              Did you still need help with your PIN?

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                My pin to use when I call tmobile