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    I purchased a Pure Gear tempered glass screen protector for a Galaxy S9. First of all, the employee neglected to tell me it was $50! He said it was only $3. He neglected to tell me it was $3 A MONTH, adding up to $50 after 24 months. (I should have known $3 was too good of a price, but was still going to pay the $50 anyway since it was already on my phone). It was placed incorrectly by this employee (S9 has the edge screen and it was placed too far to the right so it ended up not sticking correctly). It fell off within a week. I called and they refused to replace it. I ended up going to a different T Mobile store so my sister could get a new phone. These employees were way more helpful so I decided to explain what happened to see what I should do and the employee said that store should have replaced it since they put it on wrong. He ended up putting another one on for me for free (excellent customer service). Needless to say, that one fell of 1 day later while it was in my purse. I honestly don't even want another one. I want a refund and for it to be taken off my bill at this point because I'm finding it really difficult to pay $50 for a screen protector that won't even stick to my screen; but I’m sure this first store won’t do that considering they wouldn’t even replace it when they messed up. Any advice?

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      • magentatechie

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        Yikes! That completely stinks!  You have some options to get this problem resolved.  You can go back to the store and request a manager.  There's a slight possibility that they would be able to reach out to their Retail Support line and have the EIP closed out after you tell your tale.


        Otherwise, you may want to reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter