LG Stylo cannot make/receive calls but goes on-line fine




    My wife and I both have the same phone: LG Stylos. They worked great everywhere until we came back from a trip to Europe (about a week ago). Since then, their connectivity has been sporadic. For instance, right now my phone can go on-line (4G LTE indication) at home but no one can call me and when I try to make a call, I get an "out of service area, no network available" message. Yet I can immediately go back on to the internet. My wife's identical phone cannot even go on-line at home. Away from home, my phone works fine but my wife's only occasionally connects to the network. We have spoken with T-Mobile tech and he ran through all the settings with us (such as reset network settings). On that call, he got my phone to receive calls at home, but not my wife's. He suggested the factory reset. We tried that on hers and it still has the connectivity problem. We swapped SIM cards and that didn't change things, so its not the SIM cards. Its been a few days since that call and like I said, my phone once again cannot make/receive calls at home. I think the phones "think" they are still in Europe somehow, and hence only connect when they are near a tower that includes the right kind of signal. FYI,we never got the "welcome to the USA" text from T-Mobile when we landed back here, which I presume we should have received to indicate our phone is back in the US and on the US network.


    The point is that the phones both worked fine at home prior to Europe, and now don't after Europe. Either the cell tower(s) near us changed in those two weeks while we were gone, or the phones. I suspect its the phones. What can we do to get them back here in the US, so to speak?!?


    Thanks in advance.

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