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    Good evening. When I was travelling to the USA last month, I've bought a TMobile prepaid sim card. In the store, they told me if I bought $100 I would receive a LG Aristo 2 Plus and I could unlock it anytime I want in the US or in Brazil. The fact is I'm trying to unlock it since last week, and all I'm told is my phone is not eligible to unlock.

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Unlock LG Aristo 2 Plus

        Hey there! So sorry that you're having a problem with your unlock request.  Are you trying to unlock using the Device Unlock app, and it is telling you that the device is not eligible?


        Have you reviewed the unlock conditions?  You said that you bought $100 in the store, are you including the cost of the SIM in that?  Activation costs are not included in the $100 refill requirement.


        Also, is your SIM still active?  Some folks have reported having issues unlocking with the app without an active T-Mobile SIM inserted, particularly when requesting a temporary unlock.


        Did you try reaching out to 611 or chat to see if they can check the eligibility of the phone?  You can also contact T-Force via Facebook or Twitter to check into it.  Best of luck to you!

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Unlock LG Aristo 2 Plus

          There's some awesome info in the post above. Please take a look at it and let us know if you need more help. Thanks.

            • luke200

              Re: Unlock LG Aristo 2 Plus

              I have the same problem, could not unlock the LG aristo.

              Rep told me i can unlock in 2 months after using. Now more than 6 months i still cannot unlock it. Got helped from support teams but it did not work, I used device unlock app.

              where can i go to unlock this phone. want to use it oversee.