'Stuck at "Link phone number" page, because website wouldn't send me a confirmation link


    Okay so I have had this number since 2012.


    1-I hopped on a friend's 4 lane plan, to save money.


    2-Then I asked the friend to let me on a separate plan, I believe they call it change of responsibility.


    3-Now whenever I try to log in on my.t-mobile.com login page, it asks me:



    Sign up for T-Mobile ID



    For verification purpose, a free text message containing your confirmation code was sent to: 617-708-5301



    Haven't received your code yet?


    Resend code | Change Phone number



    I can't advance or link my number. The website doesn't send anything. I was able to use my phone# or email prior to this change of responsibillity debacle. Any help?

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