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    I have new prepaid service After creating a new online account and answering the security questions I get this message, "you are not authorized...." Customer service says this is common with prepaid service. After being on hold for a ridiculous amount of time, I'm thinking of going to another carrier. Just a terrible experience.

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      • magentatechie

        Oh, dear, I'm so sorry the website is giving you so much trouble.  This is certainly not the right way for your service to start.


        You said you were on hold for a long time, so you didn't get to speak to a representative?  I ask because postpaid accounts have a PAH indicator that needs to be manually placed on a line if it isn't populated automatically, I'm curious if prepaid works similarly?


        Waiting on hold is definitely not fun, you may want to try using the Message Us link or reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.  If the PAH indicator isn't the issue, a ticket may need to be filed on your behalf.

        • magenta6108800

          I have the same problem with the SIMPLE CHOICE PREPAID MOBILE INTERNET and it has not been resolved. I'm disappointed customer service bounces me from department to department without any resolution.

            • magentatechie

              Hey there, magenta6108800, I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles!  Do you have a voice line on your account or only a mobile data line?  If it is mobile data only, have you tried accessing your account through Connect Me?

                • magenta6108800

                  I appreciate you followup on this topic. It's a data only plan, and I originally tried the Connect Me over the phone and in the store, it did not solve the problem. When I login to the T-mobile app on my iPad using cellular connection, I receive the following message (Figure A). Upon clicking the link to and entering my details, I receive the message appearing in Figure B. Without access to manage this account online, how can I (a) monitor the data usage and increase data plan, if required (b) make payments for the following month? It would be very inconvenient to call and be placed on hold for 30 minutes each month, just to be able to make payments.


                  Figure A .................................

                  tmobile not ready.PNG


                  Figure B .................................

                  Oh No.png


                Same thing with me but I don't have the prepaid plan and I have the business account.  I called customer service and they checked their settings and everything seems to be fine on their end but on my end, I can't get into my account.  I'm the only one and the main account holder, very frustrating.  This problem started last month and I thought by now, it would be fixed.

                • saja1965

                  I am a new prepaid customer and have the same issue. I got as far as creating the security questions and then being redirected to the page that says "You are not authorized to use this account." I'm getting VERY tired of this and also of customer service reps who string you along with no resolution. VERY bad way to start off a new service. I'm thinking of taking my business elsewhere.