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    First of all, I am not sure how I ended up with such a horrible user name haha. I have been a customer for 6 years, and my phone is getting really slow. I have a pay as you go plan. I thought after all these years I would qualify  for some sort of upgrade. So, I called customer support and after being on hold for like an hour I found out that I qualify for an upgrade to a phone which is going to be just as slow and crappy as the one I have right now. I have a galaxy prime, it is actually better than some of the upgrades they want to give me. So then I tried to chat with an agent online, he said sure you qualify for an upgrade, so I got really excited for a few seconds, but then he said an upgrade to iPhone X will cost $999.99, I am not sure how paying full retail price counts as upgrade. So basically if I do not want to switch to an expensive monthly plan or pay $999.99 I wont get a descent upgrade. I was just wondering, after being a loyal customer for all these years, I don't get any sor ot promotion or discount ? 

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      • snn555

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        No, sadly loyalty lies with you, not the company you pay.

        That said, ease down to bestbuy and get an unlocked phone or TMobile and pay could do well for less than $200ish and have a better phone than you have now .


        Listen I have been on a postpaid account for years and I haven't gotten a less than full price upgrade. . .They even make me pay $20 extra if I don't order it online.

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: phone upgrade

          Hey, magenta6020847!


          About that username...! I can help fix that -- just let me know what you'd like it changed to.  Thank you for sticking by our side for over half a decade. For so long, the cell phone industry provided discounts on phones but jacked up the prices of rate plans. We got used to getting discounts on phones every year and a half to two years (I miss those phone discounts myself). I totally agree that loyalty should be rewarded and T-Mobile does that with different promos throughout the year. It's a bummer that you were presented with upgrade options that weren't very favorable when compared to your Galaxy Prime. snn555's suggestion about checking out the unlocked phones at BestBuy isn't a bad idea at all.