Phone number not displaying when Scam Likely


    I am facing a problem that the Customer Service people cannot seem to understand.


    ISSUE:  Scam Likely calls

    QUESTION 1:  Is there a way to permanently turn off Scam Likely?  NOTE:  #632# DOES NOT TURN THIS OFF

    QUESTION 2:  How can i see the phone of Spam Likely WHILE the phone is ringing?

    PROBLEM 1:  In the past two weeks, I have received three call that showed up as Scan Likely,  Because it showed as Scam Likely, I did not answer.  They left a message and they were actually legitimate calls that I had been waiting for Anthem Blue Cross about my health insurance.  Spectrum Cable about rescheduling an appointment and my Dentist reminding me about my upcoming appointment.

    PROBLEM 2:  When these Scam Likely calls come it, it is just the words Scam Likely.  I CANNOT see a phone number.  IF I was able to see the phone number, I would have know that that Anthem Blue Cross and the Dentist was calling.  Spectrum number, don't think I would have recognized.

    PROBLEM 3:  When I look at my missed calls and click on the information button for the Scam Likely call, it almost appears as if this is a contact setup in my phone.  Meaning, the name and phone number are displayed, HOWEVER, when I go to contacts, there is NO SUCH CONTACT.




    NOTE:   I also have NAME ID turned on on my account and this has NOT remedied the situation,  I STILL cannot see the phone number WHILE the phone is ringing.


    Can SOMEONE ANYONE please help me with this problem.  HELP!

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      • snn555

        You can adjust scam block and scam ID within your account settings through the my T-Mobile app.  There you can turn them on or off. However the following answer is probably not going to be sanctioned by TMobile however this has been what works for me.


        Depending on the phone you're using if it is a T-Mobile branded phone it has the new name ID app which for some reason does not display information as the phone is ringing and normally only shows you the number or name or information after the phone call when you open the app to take a look at it.


        The other app is much older and uses a different service called Hiya and it came on phones a couple years ago. The new app is what can be downloaded from the Play Store and what is also included on newer T-Mobile branded phones. That uses another service from Orion.


        Personally on my T-Mobile branded and unlocked store bought phones I use Hiya. I have scam ID enabled and scam block disabled and I further fine-tune and filter through the Hiya app. It has more features and functions and follows you if you happen to need to reset your phone you can log back in and not lose any of your saved blocked numbers.


        it does a pretty good job of screening calls and not blocking legitimate calls. Again this app allows you to have more granular control then just bulk scam filtering from T-Mobile.


        It is also free.

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        • smplyunprdctble

          So, the interesting thing is I had assumed this was an Android feature, since I hadn't had anything T-Mobile related on my phone except T-Mobile Tuesdays.


          Also, until recently, the phone number did display on my phone, with "Scam Likely" written up top.  I think the change coincided with an update in the Dialer.


          Two things I discovered:

          1. You can go into your call history, and tap on the "Scam Likely" call (not by the phone so you don't dial it), and pull up the number.
          2. You can go into the three-dot menu while in call history, choose settings, and change the "Caller ID & spam" options and I THINK that disables "Scam Likely"?  Maybe?


          I think the Google spam filtering is crowd sourced (e.g. if someone marks an unknown call as unsafe).  Some spammers / scammers will call from legitimate numbers (e.g. BCBS Anthem, Spectrum) because it can come up as that with Google's Caller ID.  I've had some calls from AT&T come in earlier this year and I knew that it wasn't legit because I didn't have them as a service and they don't sales call unless you're a customer and opt in (or is it don't opt out?).  It's not good if it's a call you need and accidentally gets filtered.  I think that's where the "not spam" option comes up after the fact (again, not a good solution).

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          • magentatechie

            Hey there!  Just wondering if you had a chance to check out any of the helpful advice from above?  Particularly turning off Scam Block.


            Personally, I didn't see the option to turn it on or off with the app or website, only Scam ID.  If you run into the same problem, care can remove the feature for you. 

            • potspanspies

              Hi everyone, thanks for replying.   I forgot to mention in my original post that I have an iPhone.


              No suggestions presented has resolved the issue. 

              Also suggestions by Tmobile support have not worked either.


              1. Rep said they turned off Scam ID and Scam Block

              2.  Rep turned on Caller Name ID - the said when someone calls it is supposed to display the name and phone number.


              This morning at 0842, I received a call that said Scam Likely Los Angeles, CA, while the phone was ringing the phone number was NOT displayed

              The only way that I can see the phone number is wait for it to stop ringing, go into Recent calls (where I still cannot see the phone number), then click the i (information), THEN I can see the phone number.


              Look, I get it, Tmobile is trying to highlight scam calls to Users, which is fine, however, the problem I am facing is in certain situations, the Scam Likely is actually legitimate call , but I end up missing it because I can't see the number the call is coming from.


              It seems to boil down to Scam Likely is essentially "replacing' the phone number. thus, I cannot see it until after the phone stops ringing or a voicemail is left.

                • magentatechie

                  Ahhhh, I see! What iPhone are you using?  What version of iOS?  I'd love to do some research and try to get to the bottom of this!


                  In the mean time, a helpful link is T-Mobile - Report Improperly Identified Call .  I've had a few numbers that  I had to submit as incorrectly categorized.

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                    • magenta7451303

                      Any traction on getting this resolved?


                      I too had a long headache with customer service trying to explain that there is an issue - trying to push Name ID for $$ - I don't need.  iPhone XR is the phone.


                      Scam Likely shows, but no number for customer to decide if it is truly a scam or legitimate number.  I look in call logs and some numbers I recognize are calls that I would like to answer (long distance at times and extremely important to me), but would have never know when they call, since the number doesn't show up only SCAM LIKELY.


                      This needs to be either escalated to engineering to be looked at or clear indications on how to whitelist numbers.

                  • potspanspies

                    I have an iPhone X iOS 11.4.1

                    Thanks for the link, in all my conversations it was never mentioned there was a tool to report calls that were not identified correctly.


                    Also as a note.  I am beginning to think this problem I am facing is specifically related to TMobile.

                    My husband has AT&T and he received a Sirus XM called which was identified as spam a few moments ago.

                    He also has an iPhone X, same iOS, but for himthe telephone number DID display while the phone was ringing.

                      • magentatechie

                        Alrighty, I was able to find this:


                        Calling services


                        iPhone Name ID

                        iPhones may not display the phone number of the incoming caller or additional benefits from the Name ID app provides. It will usually display the name (as if the person would be in your address book) but may instead show Wireless Caller/unknown.


                        So, I'm wondering if there would be a difference if you removed all three services? And be sure to reboot after doing so, a feature selection usually will not change until the device has gone through a power cycle.  With T-Mobile, there may also be a 2 hour provisioning time before any changes can be noticed.


                        Does your husband have AT&T's Call Protect or Call Protect Plus enabled on his line?  I'm curious because he is seeing the phone numbers when they come in and I can't help but wonder if it is indeed the individual carrier's protection features.  I have read reports of Verizon customers having the exact same problem as you, and it was resolved by removing the Caller Name ID feature.


                        I'm sorry, I know this isn't the best news in terms of the feature compatibility.  My understanding is that users started having issues with carrier name ID features with the release of iOS 11.

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                          • potspanspies

                            OKAAYYYY, we are getting somewhere!!!!

                            "iPhones may not display the phone number of the incoming caller or additional benefits from the Name ID app provides. It will usually display the name (as if the person would be in your address book) but may instead show Wireless Caller/unknown."


                            Months ago, I contacted Tmobile about "WIreless Caller"  This is ALSO a situation where I cannot see the phone number.

                            I went round and round with numerous people and they could not seem to understand what I was trying to convey.  I basically gave up.


                            And perhaps this is something new in iOS 11, because previously the phone number DID display, but I cannot 100% confirm/deny because  it was random enough for me to not notice.  However, I recently moved and trying to setup new services and such, missing calls has been a problem.


                            I initially started out with all three services off (Scam block, Scam ID, an Caller Name ID).  Then one by one Tmobile started turning them on.

                            Over the course of two weeks of waiting for Scam Likely calls to come in, it seems that on and off provides the same results, the phone number is not displayed.


                            Spoke with my husband, he checked his account and spoke with he does not have any call protect services turned on.

                              • snn555

                                back when I had an iPhone 7 plus before I sold it a few months ago I was on iOS 10.3 or some such and I could get no caller ID app to work other than the one I mentioned previously. No app will identify the caller while you are hearing the ring in real time. I always had to wait for the call to end for anything to show that would give me any information on the caller.

                          • snn555

                            Name I'd does not work with iPhone or iOS. Try Hita instead. It works with call kit.

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                            • tmo_amanda

                              Hey, potspanspies!


                              I've had this happen as well and it took me a little while to figure it out. As mentioned, the "Scam Likely" feature cannot be disabled, however, you can go here  T-Mobile - Report Improperly Identified Call to report the number as legitimate.

                              • teradyl

                                Re: Phone number not displaying when Scam Likely

                                I want to add that I need help on this too. Before this Scam Likely nonsense I could usually tell if it was a scam and potentially answer it. But now I have no information and have also had legitimate calls come through that say Scam Likely, so now it's useless because I have to answer all of them so in case anyway!!


                                Please allow the phone number to come through on Scam Likely calls, or at least give me an option to remove that feature. I've already had Mr. Number on my iPhone that's done exactly this but lets the number come through. So I had already solved this problem before this new problem arose.


                                Thanks T-mobile!