Name ID + VM to Text Bundle


    I just got a LineLink and am working to get it set up.  I just got off a chat session with a CSR and was disappointed to learn that "VM to Text" is apparently simply the ability to forward a VM from My T-Mobile to an SMS or email recipient.  That's not particularly useful and not what I'd expect given the following service description:


    Includes both Name ID and Voicemail to Text features. Name ID lets you see the names and numbers of callers, even if they are not in your address book, and Voicemail to Text lets you receive your voicemails as text messages or delivered as email to up to 2 email addresses. Voicemail transcription into text is available for voicemails received in English and Spanish. You can also view, listen, save, share and manage your voicemails on the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail application on your Android device or on Charges will include taxes and fees for customers on tax inclusive rate plans.


    Does this add-on service really not provide email/SMS notifications of new VMs?  If it does, how do I set up a recipient?  Thanks!

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Name ID + VM to Text Bundle

        Hey there!

        Sorry for the confusion! VM to Text transcribes your voicemails as they come in.  Typically, you'll view them through the Visual Voicemail application where you can read or hear your messages.  I hate to contradict what you were told by an employee.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Name ID + VM to Text Bundle

          The VTT feature does allow eligible lines to get email notifications of voicemails, but it'll need to be set up through using the steps below.


          1. Log into your account
          2. Click Phone then click Check Voicemail.
          3. Select Settings then click on Voicemail to email.
          4. Click the Turn on option next to Voicemail to email.