Sales Fraud!! Charged for Free promotion product  in EIP every month!


    Hi , I have bought an iPhone 7 and been asked to choose accessories worth of 200$ for free as promotion from variety of options they have at the store. I have selected a beats headset worth 199$ and been charged every month under EIP plan. They asked me to sign the documents saying the first installement would be refunded after I pay it today and it never happened and in turn been charged every month. I see similar complains from many members and thought it’s an unfair practice from such a large company I had no complains with T-Mobile for their service so far but with this lies from sales reps leading to charging is absolute fraud !! This is should be taken seriously at highest level I have been complaining to customer care and they ask me to talk to store people which I did and they say they would look into it and it never been fixed . It’s been 9 months am paying the EIP which am fed up now

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