Out-of-Plan Charges


    I am new to T-Mobile and just got the surprise about certain number are out of my plan.

    I am confused. I was lured to T-Mobile by the lower rates and the unlimited talk, text, and data.


    All the advertisements have a disclaimer on the data usage and that speeds may be reduced.

    I have to call in to conference calls that I have no control over who sets them up or what service that they use.

    There are months that I may be on a conference call almost everyday for anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours.


    Through my research about this charge, I have noticed that posts here about this go back about a year. In all this time T-Mobile has yet to add a disclaimer on the advertising. Why is this?


    When I called customer service and explain the issue, I was told that the charge was correct and that all the carriers are charging for these numbers. Those were her exact words. Which is a lie. AT&T has never charged me for that. I then asked to have the call escalated and she said that there was nothing anyone could do so she refused to escalate the call. While typing this I received a call from another customer service rep. He apologized for the confusion and he was going to escalate the call. He told me that he could not make any promises but would see what he could do.


    Why would they allow a customer service rep lie to a customer?

    Why, if this has been a issue for about a year, have they NOT ADDED A DISCLAIMER to their advertising?


    The one cent charge doesn't bother me nearly as much as being led to T-Mobile under false pretenses. Unlimited talk is by definition WITHOUT LIMITS.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Out-of-Plan Charges

        I can't answer the larger questions but I can't tell you about "free" conference lines. There are a few rural phone companies that got the FCC to agree that they could charge higher-than-normal termination rates for calls coming into their networks because they were out in the middle of nowhere and had to do a lot of extra work to deliver calls to their customers who were all farmers, etc., etc. etc. They then took that authority and set up "free" conference call chat rooms in their switches. It requires no effort on their parts and they make something like 5¢/minute off the originating carrier for everyone using the chat room. T-Mobile said that they couldn't afford to "play that game" forever and cut off free calls to those chat rooms.


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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Out-of-Plan Charges

          I understand where you're coming from and we appreciate the feedback. I can't speak for the advertising as this isn't my area of expertise, but I can pass this feedback along to our internal teams. For folks looking for more details about the plans, we do have the See full terms link on our plans page that discusses this additional charge.

          • barcodeable

            Re: Out-of-Plan Charges

            Im unsure if this will help, but have you tried making these conference calls via WiFi calling????? Im not sure if you still get billed the same as calling using T-Mobile’s network. This would be a great question to ask a Customer Service Rep... (just my 2 cents)

            • tidbits

              Re: Out-of-Plan Charges

              AT&T does charge for them per say. If you use a certain amount of them then they force you off the unlimited plan going forward or terminate your service.  They also block certain free conference calling


              They are trying to stop traffic pumping and a huge legal battle has been going back and forth. We've been seeing threads like these from time to time and every time they bring up other carriers they end up finding limits to it or being blocked from even making those calls.