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    i recently had gotten my iphone 8 stolen and i have i no insurance on it. is there another way i can replace it with another phone without having to pay another 800$ or at least a lower price? because the other phone wasnt paid in full so i would still have to pay off the other phone will doing so for the other. or is there a way i can add insurance now on my phone for a replacement?

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      • theartiszan

        Re: lost phone-no insurance

        Sadly you would not be able to get a replacement at a lower cost or be able to add insurance. If you bought it full price on a credit card, some card companies offer protection but not all. If you pay for it via credit card maybe you can check with them if it is covered. Sadly, beyond that, there really isn't another option.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: lost phone-no insurance

          Oh man! That is so sad theartiszan is correct though. There is no way to add insurance after the phone was purchased. This has to be added to the line at the time of purchase in order for the phone to be covered. In addition to what theartiszan said, you may be able to check with your home owners insurance to see if they have any personal property insurance benefits?